Honor’s December Favourites

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I get so many questions from fellow Mums about what I use for Honor- what she wears, eats, plays with and things have changed a bit since we set up home in England. One thing I’ve really noticed is how many coughs and colds she’s been getting- her immune system just isn’t used to the change in weather. I enjoy shopping for Honor so much and with the gift giving season in mind, I’ve asked her to list her current favourite things. From clothes and toys to bedding and useful bits for travelling, Walmart has absolutely everything you could want for your little one…it’s a great place for anyone needing to shop for children so I’ve listed Honor’s December Favourites.

To keep off any more colds, I’ve been wrapping her in thermals and warm pyjamas so she stays toasty at night. The HALO sleep sack is a wearable blanket that she loves, especially in the car when she goes and has sleepovers with Granny. During the day I’ve been putting these adorable Little Star bodysuits under her dresses. She’s a real outdoors kind of girl (lucky that we moved to where we did!) and so if she will insist on being outside all day, she’s got to be warm enough. At home I’ve put one of these humidifiers in her room so it helps with her chest and her breathing at night.

In the run up to her second birthday, her taste in toys is changing too. I love Melissa and Doug as they make traditional toys that don’t sing and dance and last for years- they’re just like the toys I had when I was little. Honor is loving their ice cream cone play set– it’s very sweet watching her play shops.

In terms of my top picks for Honor, I love anything that we can pack up and take with us for a weekend or night at my parents’. Dr Brown’s bottle brush is a genius little contraption that is really handy when we’re on the move. Kiddie spoons are another on-the-go essential; she tends to get a bit grumpy when she’s hungry so I keep one of these to hand so she can have a yoghurt in the car. Bit messy but sorts her mood!

Honor loves her milk and now that she’s older and drinking by herself, I’m using these Dr. Brown glass bottles as I much prefer it to heating up her milk in plastic bottles. I love how assertive she’s becoming; she knows what she likes and definitely has her favourite toys and books that she reaches for daily. As much as her tastes and likes/dislikes are changing, having one place to get everything makes things so much easier for us parents. Shop Honor’s December favourites below!

Honor's December Favourites

Honor's December Favourites

Honor's December Favourites

Honor's December Favourites

Honor's December Favourites

Honor's December Favourites

Honor's December Favourites

Honor's December Favourites

What Honor’s Wearing: Tights and Shoes by Walmart, Shirt and Dress gifted by Granny (similar here and here).


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    Thank you for sharing this article, your family is very happy during the Christmas season, the pictures are also beautiful

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