Honor’s Traveling Essentials

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Traveling is a big part of my job and Mackenzie and I travel with Honor whenever we can. We’ve loved spending the Summer in England with her grandparents but when we’re planning a trip, it isn’t always easy to get everything she’s going to need from one place. Thankfully (and this was such a help when packing for the UK) Walmart has absolutely everything a little one could possibly need on an adventure away from home. Anywhere I can buy Honor a buggy or a swimming costume along with my weekly avocados makes life so much easier so I wanted to share this brilliant one-stop option for all the baby bits us parents might need.We got a couple of easy board books that Honor loves, some sippy cups which have been a lifesaver in a hire car! She and I have been saving space by sharing an all-natural moisturizer and we always carry a sleepsuit for her.

When Honor was born I was a total over-packer and liked to be prepared for every possible eventuality; now that she’s a bit older I’m trying to only take the essentials so I was amazed to be able to get everything I needed for Honor in Walmart- and I mean everything. Scroll through my shopping list for all the things we took with us on our road trip! August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and so Walmart have some great deals on all things feeding related.



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