How To Save Your Skin While Traveling

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Traveling (particularly long-haul flying) really takes a toll on my skin and can cause breakouts and dry patches no matter what I do. Seeing as I’ve been traveling so much this Summer (Mexico for work, England for a month, Malibu for Labor Day, New York for Fashion Week) I knew I’d need something with me to keep my face happy. I’ve traveled around the world and tried a lot of products but Olay Red Jar moisturizers are the best by far. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and their trusty moisturizers have been in my bag for every trip this Summer. Read my top tips for keeping your skin soft during your travels and how you can save tired skin on-the-go.

Invest in a good moisturizer

I’ve found a skincare routine that’s really working for my skin and once you’ve found yours, it makes such a difference to how your skin reacts to traveling and tiredness. I’ve been using two of Olay’s Red Jar products for almost a year and have really noticed that my post-traveling skin is happier than it has ever been before. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is thick (without being greasy) and so really helps to build up moisture in my skin. On a long flight I will put this on as much as I can so that my skin always has a good barrier. The Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer (which Mackenzie keeps stealing) has SPF 25 in it but also sits really well under makeup as a primer or even over the top when I need a bit of extra sun protection. It’s so light and goes on matte so it really feels like having a mini facial – which I love!

Drink water

And I mean LOTS of water. Your body dehydrates at an alarming rate when you’re flying so it’s more important than ever to keep drinking water. You will really notice how much fresher you look coming off a plane if you’ve kept your hydration levels topped up.


It may sound obvious and isn’t always easy but sleeping as much as possible on a long haul flight will not only help you adjust to a big time difference (London is 8 hours ahead of LA which is huge) but your skin will reap the rewards of a well-earned rest. Of course, any fellow parents will agree that toddlers and planes aren’t always a great combination if you’re needing some shut eye. Honor has had some good flights and some not-so-good ones so Mackenzie pack ear plugs and eye masks and take it in turns to nap so we’re not like zombies when we arrive.

What are some of your travel tips that I might not have tried?

Olay red jar moisturizers

how i look after my skin while traveling

Olay red jar moisturizers

Olay red jar moisturizers

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