How To Trim Your Hair At Home

When it comes to cutting hair, I like to be in safe hands. Hairdressers are slowly reopening (hooray!) but if your local salon is anything like mine, you’ll be unable to get an appointment before Christmas. How to trim your hair at home has been a top-searched term during lockdown and so I thought that, if you’re getting desperate and can’t get an appointment, I would ask a pro friend of mine for some tips. Follow his advice on how to trim your hair at home…and how not to. If we can slow down the growing number of failed DIY haircuts then we will!

5 DIY Cutting Tips by Nicholas Hardwick, Principle Stylist at Josh Wood Colour

Tip 1 – Don’t do it
The temptation to have a go ourselves is hard to resist, despite Instagram feeds saturated with examples of family and friends who deeply regret their DIY hair salon experiments. So the first thing to do is decide if a haircut is essential.
Tip 2 – Use the right scissors
As Nicholas says, “if you have to, absolutely 100% will die if you don’t, have to do it, be sure to use professional scissors as using the bathroom or kitchen scissors will have the same results of when you tried to give your Barbie a fringe!” There are some fairly inexpensive pro scissors on Amazon (I like these) to help you avoid any mishaps.
Tip 3 – Prep your hair
If you’re still considering doing it, ensure your hair is washed, thoroughly detangled then dried (smooth / straight if possible). This will make cutting layers of hair evenly far easier and give you higher chances of keeping a sleek, unified look.
Tip 4 – Section
Identifying specific parts of your hair to focus on is essential. Use clips and hairbands to isolate that specific section and trim it bit by bit. By sectioning your hair like this, you stand a better chance of achieving a more salon-like end look.
Tip 5 – Technique

The technique you use to cut your hair plays a key role in the success rate of your home salon. Do not attempt to layer or blunt cut, leave that in the trusty hands of your hairdresser. Instead, try point cutting, a simple technique professionals use to cut hair in salons.“With use of a fine tooth comb and two fingers to direct each section in a downwards motion, point cut the ends of the hair…but please oh please, for the love of Lady GaGa, please do this gradually.” Make sure you keep DIY trimming to split ends and fringes only, since bad haircuts can take a lot of time to grow out and fix.

Even if you’re not going for an at-home trim, keeping your hair hydrated is essential for its health and shine. Use a mask or nourishing treatment once a week like The Josh Wood Colour Gloss or The Josh Wood Everything Mask which both actively target hair colour and maximise hydration. Aim to leave it on for as long as possible; a good way of maximising results is to leave it on overnight or put it on before a workout. If you’re using it in-shower, make sure you get rid of excess water after shampooing…the drier your hair is the more concentrated the mask will be.

Whether you’ve got one of the first appointments or if it’s something you haven’t even thought about, it’s always wise to know how to trim your hair at home. Go carefully and if it does all go wrong, invest in some hats to hide any terrible accidents.


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    very helpful

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    I also did One month back felt good!! 🙂
    its says that women who cuts her own hair is about to change the worlds

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    Lovely, In this pandemic period sharing such ideas is beautiful. keep posting!

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