What To Wear To Your College Reunion

Along with weddings, BBQs and pool parties, Summer is prime season for college and high school reunions. Having been to college in the UK (where reunions aren’t as much of a thing) the idea was pretty new to me when I moved to LA. But I get a LOT of questions from you guys about them! So in response, I’ve put together a list ideas and rules-of-thumb suggestions- flick through the carousels of tops, bottoms and shoes to choose your favorites and you can create your ideal outfit.

Rule #1: Be comfortable

I know I say it a lot but comfort really is key. For a college reunion you’re likely to be standing all day (probably outside) so definitely don’t use this as the opportunity to wear in that new pair of stilettos. If you’re on grass or sand then you’ll be miserable and reunions can be fairly alcohol heavy- you really don’t want to be the person who can’t stand up at the end of the night. White sneakers are the ideal option (read my recent post about all my favorite sneakers brands here) as are any kind of slides, sandals or espadrille wedges. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Rule #2: READ the invitation

Sounds simple but so many of us give the email a skim read and then wish we’d read it properly. For a sports day in the park, a tight skirt isn’t going to be comfortable. Likewise, you might look a little silly turning up to a smarter drinks event in shorts and a tee. If there’s some sort of activity then definitely plan your outfit around that.

Rule #2: Be yourself

This applies as much to you as it does to your clothes. It’s totally natural to want to be the best version of yourself when you meet up with old school and university friends – so long as it’s still you! The same goes for what you wear- don’t try and dress like the person you were, want to be or think you should be. Be happy and proud of who you are and what you have; as much as some people try and turn everything into a competition…you don’t have to.

Shop different outfit components below and let me know how it goes!

What I’m Wearing: Dress by Patbo, Espadrilles by Aquazurra (similar here), Bag by Yo Suzi (similar here), Earrings by Lucy Folk


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