Pretty in Paisley

Paisley is one of those patterns that never goes out of style. As much as it was Lady Di chic in the 80s, it’s now having a bit of a comeback. While it is really cool to think about how paisley has survived the tests of time all throughout the world, I think I am most excited about the fact that it has found its way into my closet. I’m always wearing pattern where possible so stand out in the crowds of plain wintery fabric by being pretty in paisley.

To me, it is such a versatile pattern. I have yet to find two paisley pieces that look identical and that is what makes fashion so fun and exciting! Paisley is the perfect addition to a simple outfit and even a tiny bit can make a big statement. I love how pattern can pave the way for introducing a sense of fun and creativity into how we think about fashion. You can’t help but want to step a little outside your comfort zone when you wear paisley and I find this is the case with most patterns. All you have to do is be a little braver and paisley is a good place to start.

Personally, I love a good paisley skirt paired with a sweater and boots. I think it stands out whilst staying simple and elegant. There are so many good blouses out there as well…tuck into a pair of cute high waisted jeans and you’re good to go! I love all of the options and ideas and colours that come with paisley. A pie crust collar here…a hair scarf there. It is one of the many reasons that this print will stand through all of the fashion trends to come, and will never be far from my own wardrobe either!

TIP: When you’re on the hunt for paisley, it’s the perfect time to go check out those little boutiques or one of a kind shops near you. They are bound to have something fun and unique, which the perfect mindset when shopping for this particular pattern. Shop the prettiest paisley items below.

What I’m Wearing: Skirt by Réalisation Par, Sweater by Club Monaco, Boots by Neil Rodgers, Necklace by Missoma, Sunglasses by Jimmy Choo.


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