Honor’s Favorite Toys & Books

It’s hard to believe that our little babe is quickly approaching the year-and-a-half mark! We’ve learned so much about Honor as she grows, including her complete love for play and story time. (Total win for this bookworm mummy!) Today, I wanted to share with my fellow mummas a full report of Honor’s favorite toys and books!

Cuddle and Kind: It’s important to me to teach Honor charity at an early age. Cuddle and Kind creates precious hand-knitted dolls, which Honor completely adores. They also make such great gifts for any kiddos you know. The best part – every doll sold gives 10 meals to children in need!

Keiki Toys: You all know I am a huge supporter of all things natural, and I’ve always been keen on finding sustainable and safe toys for Honor. Enter, Keiki Toys. It is my absolute favorite when it comes to nontoxic wooden toys. Not to mention how gorgeous and classic the pieces are, including this adorable polaroid.

Kinedu: I’m all about screen time with a purpose! Kinedu is a mobile app that customizes activities for Honor and I to do to promote her development. After we complete an activity, I can record her responses and track her progress.  It’s a really great tool for me because it not only marks her milestones but also helps me understand what they mean. It’s always with me on my mobile, so I can keep up-to-date no matter what.

Lovevery: I can go on and on about Lovevery! They have toys, games, and books tailored to a child’s exact age and current learning level. We just received our new play kit for Honor, and she’s already loving it! It’s the perfect mix between fun and educational, and starting at $36 a month, it’s such a steal.

Maisonette: This shop is so darling! It caters to the English in me with posh playthings like this gorgeous tea set, which gives me major French girl vibes. There’s such an emphasis on beautifully crafted and designed toys that I catch myself browsing this site more often than I probably should!

Skip Hop Plush Avocado: When I saw this avocado plush toy, I knew that I had to get it, being the avocado lover that I am. There’s even a built-in rattle “pit” that makes Honor giggle so hard. I definitely bring this everywhere we go!

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker: This is the best little walker that truly helped Honor to walk. It comes with two different gears and brakes, so you don’t have to worry about it running away from a younger, wobbly baby. There’s also so many colorful knobs and buttons for music, and it’s so cute to see Honor dance when she pushes one of them!

Personalized books: Being a bookworm myself, it warms my heart to see my girl light up at the sight of a book. My next goal for Honor is to recognize and learn how to say her name, and when we read a personalized story book, her name is in bright, shining lights (literally!) Wonderbly and Shutterfly have wonderful customizable books that write your child as the star. I love seeing what these books do for Honor’s confidence and imagination!

A is for Awesome by Eva Chen: Written by a super mum, this book holds a very valuable lesson – the importance of girl power. I love to read it to Honor and teach her about the strength and brilliancy of the trailblazing women on its pages.

Claris, the Chicest Mouse in Paris by Megan Hess: Honor might be a tad too young to enjoy this story fully, but it sure is Mummy’s favorite! The story follows a little mouse, Claris, as she follows her fashion dreams in Paris. The illustrations always have me dreaming about the chic streets of the City of Light.

My Friend Bunny by Louise Tate: This lovely board book is such a fun read. Honor quite enjoys the pictures, and the storyline is too cute not to be housed in our little library.

My Grandparents Love Me by Claire Freedman: We are so lucky to be surrounded by the best grandparents a little girl can have! This book celebrates the special bond between grandparent and grandchild and is a must-read when we go to visit the grands.

Paddington by Michael Bond: Paddington Bear was such a classic in my childhood that I just knew Honor needed to know the lovable little bear as well. Now with films based on the books, we’ll never go short on giggles as we learn about the adventures of Paddington Bear.

What are your little ones’ favorite toys and books? Anything we’re missing?!


Louise Loves

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  1. Amy Lipson says:

    I love the wood knob puzzle with the shapes in the photos with Honor. (adding the photos is brilliant!) Where can I buy them?

  2. smithsconnor says:

    Hey nice to see you again! you and your blog is all time awesome to see. Great pictures.

  3. ikka23 says:

    This is nice blog thanks for sharing

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