Behind The Glow: Prepping For The Oscars

Guys, it’s an exciting week: I’m literally shuttling between NY and LA, going from the glamour of fashion week to prepping for the Oscars red carpet. (Pinch me!) I’ve partnered with My Habit to create the little video below to share how I’m prepping for the Oscars and keeping my glow going amidst the chaos of traveling, planning and getting everything ready.


Sweat It Out: I make sure to stay super active the week leading up to the Oscars, even though it’s such a busy time. It might feel easier to let the workout routine slide, but I’ve found that it keeps me stay focused and gets my skin glowing: two side effects perfect for Oscars weekend! I go to Soul Cycle and Barry’s Bootcamp early in the week, and then calm things down with a few reformer Pilates sessions, which help me relax and stretch out.


Eat Clean: The week before the Oscars is one big party, especially this year: it’s literally full of fashion week parties! It’s really hard to resist staying away from cocktails and delicious dinners with out-of-town friends and at industry events. Instead of trying to be a hero and cutting things out of my diet, I make it a point to add super healthy foods to it. I focus on fresh fruits and veggies and fish, and I guzzle my favorite skin brightening smoothie daily.


Eyes On The Prize: As glam as the day of the Oscars is, reporting from the red carpet is also hard work. To prep, I stay in as much as possible and make sure to watch the movies that are nominated so I’m ready to interview the actors. There are always last minute fittings, and plenty of running around town trying to find the final perfect accessories. Not that I’m complaining in the slightest…

#BehindTheGlow: Road to the Red Carpet with TV Host Louise Roe from MyHabit on Vimeo.

And Finally… Hydrate! With all of my other steps under control, the final piece of my Oscar prep process is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking two liters of water a day keeps my skin clear and healthy from the inside out, and using a super moisturizing day cream like Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost completes my regimen, A strong latte to keep my eyes open the day of, and I’m set!

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