Paint Your Nails With This Color, Stat

You guys know I love a good classic crimson mani, but I’m also no stranger to the darker side of nail polish trends! This deep burgundy has hints of plummy purple in it that are spot on for winter and specifically, the holiday season. Sometimes dark nails can be a really strong look, which is why I love that this hue also has a good dose of shimmer to it — the sparkle is great for making the mani look festive, but in a super sophisticated way.

Fun side note: I shot my mani on this astrological chart that I got after a zodiac reading recently. Apparently, I’m a tried and true Sagittarius! Anyone into astrology? Leave me a comment with your sign, or any readings tips below — I’d love to hear from you.

 Get The Look: Left hand Ring by Claire Aristides, Right hand Rings by Alex Mika and Fallon.”


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2 responses to “Paint Your Nails With This Color, Stat”

  1. TJ says:

    Which of the nail colours do you wear in the picture? Thanks

  2. H Bruce says:

    I love the color. Do you know the name of this nail polish?

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