How to Have the Best Lips: My tips

Winter can be a tough season on our lips, the dry, cold temperature makes them chap and sore and hard to apply makeup onto. It’s definitely the worst time of the year for my lips if I don’t take care of them properly.

Here’s my go-to lip care routine for healthy, plump and makeup-ready lips all year round:

I start with a very gentle scrub once or twice a week – this helps remove dead skin cells and leaves your lips soft and smooth. Then it’s time for a deeply hydrating lip mask (I love an overnight mask) up to three times a week. Lastly, I use lip balm every day before applying lipstick and throughout the day.

But lip care doesn’t end here, it’s absolutely important to choose the right makeup too! Always try to pick hydrating or vitamin-filled products to keep your lips nourished all day long. And if you have particularly dry lips, here’s a tip to make your lips look (& feel) extra plump and healthy: apply lip balm, use a nude lip pencil just a shade darker than your natural lip colour to line your lips – go just a little bit outside the lines to subtly enlarge your lips and then colour in. Apply a creamy, nude lipstick or gloss overtop and you’re ready to show off your pout.

Here are the best lip care and makeup products I came across this year:


Lip care & makeup



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