A Sunny Little Bedroom

A sunny little bedroom for my not-so-little girl…I wanted Honor’s bedroom to be a calm space that felt right for a child but also a bedroom she can grow up with. I chose a warm neutral colour for the walls called Little Rascal by Earthborn…an aptly named paint for a four year old! The Earthborn range is eco-friendly so it’s ideal for little ones’ bedrooms.

The sunniest part of this little bedroom is the blind. I had been searching for the perfect mustard gingham for a while and when I saw Molly Mahon’s new print ‘Seed’ I ordered it immediately. I couldn’t love it more. My clever friend and curtain maker Kath Groves whipped up the most beautiful ruffles ever, and it honestly gives me pleasure pulling it up every morning and having the sun stream in.

Honor’s antique hanging bookshelf is filled with a lot of my mum’s old children’s books, including her very own school copy of Winnie the Pooh! Having seen a photo of a frilled topper on a kitchen dresser, I wanted to create one here. East London Cloth made the perfect one in mustard gingham (there’s a theme here) without even seeing the shelf, which was in storage at the time. It adds so much charm to the room.
One of my favourite pieces is the hand-painted little chair Honor has, made by Camilla Vickers.
I chose the colours and design and she created it from scratch, with a similar one for Inès. I’ll treasure them forever, long after they’re too big to sit in them! The other chair came with us from LA (I’ve had them for years) and before we left the states I had it upholstered in the Rambagh fabric from Lisa Fine Textiles
Above her Bonton bamboo bed is a lovely handmade alphabet from The Arbery, a delightful final touch. Honor loves this room and my absolute favourite part of the day is snuggling under the covers with her, reading Peter Rabbit before bed.




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