Festive Faux Flowers

As much as a good old Christmas tree is an essential, I also love finding space in the house that could benefit from a little festive love. Picture frames, fireplaces and mantelpieces are all great places to experiment with decorating and I found these beautiful festive faux flowers from Oka. They have lovely faux blooms; I’ll use them year after year and they’re not solely for Christmas, so they’ll come out throughout the year too. I’ve mixed in a few candles, a bowl of cinnamon sticks which smell delicious and added paper decorations to the top of the mirror, which actually look like double when they’re reflected back into the living room.

Festive faux flowers for the win!

Festive faux flowers

Festive faux flowers

Festive faux flowers

Festive faux flowers


Louise Loves

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