How To Layer In A Chic Way

I used to find it so difficult to be warm but also smart enough for a meeting or event. The more I worked in fashion, the more I discovered tips and tricks for how to layer in a chic way. Rollnecks under dresses; high collars under jumpers…it’s a fun aspect of dressing that is doable for all budgets and styles but very fashion forward. With the seasons in England as temperamental as they are, it’s essential to know how to layer in a chic way. We had snow a few weeks ago and now we’re enjoying bright sun! I’ve linked to some of my current favourite layering pieces below- the French have always known how to layer in a chic way and so it’s time we adopted the style! I love a long sleeved tee, thinner jumpers in all sorts of colours and making summer dresses wearable in the Spring by adding a knitted cardi or a loose jumper over the top.

If ever I’m going away, I always go heavy on the layers in case the weather turns out to be not what I expected. A (supposedly) sunny city break calls for t-shirts, light jackets and slip dresses to be mixed and matched depending on the day whereas as a snowy break or a winter weekend is jumpers layered over skirts with pretty shirts underneath that can be dressed up or down.


What I’m Wearing: Jeans by Rag & Bone, Shirt by La Redoute, Jacket by Sézane (similar here), Loafers by Sézane (similar here)


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  3. Some people think as layering in winter as put on everything on them in winters without giving a second thought. Either I go all shades of same color or try contrasting colors. But Black and grey are always my favorite.

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