The Perfect Christmas Wreath

One of the best parts of December is decorating the house to make it look all Christmassy, but it’s so hard to know where to start. Do you do your usual or think outside the box? Fake tree or real tree? I can never decide whether to follow a theme or just go without a plan! One thing that I do take time over however, is a wreath. Nothing says that the holidays are here more than a pretty Christmas wreath on the front door. Lavender Green Flowers have been my go-to florist for years-  we were so lucky to have them do the flowers for our wedding and Sue Barnes (their Creative Director) has kindly shared her top tips for Christmas decoration. Read on to see what the said and see the gorgeous wreath we put together- it’s the perfect Christmas wreath!

The perfect Christmas wreath

Wreaths are the real scene-setters of Christmas decoration so the design on the front door should really set the scene for everything inside. First impressions count and your wreath should be a personal statement. It’s the signal that Christmas has arrived in your house!

Use your favourites

Including your favourite flowers is a great way of making your wreath personal. We used some of the ones that Sue used at our wedding, like the beautiful white stephanotis as they’re one of my favourites and this gives your wreath a bit of a personal touch. Sue says that the wreath could also include elements of something that you’re known to enjoy. I asked her what’s going to be incorporated in her wreath this year? “Gin and tonic is the only thing I drinks and so my wreath will be filled with juniper berries, lemons and limes!”

Foodies can incorporate fruits, herbs or even vegetables in theirs and kitchen utensils like cookie cutters add a fun twist. Have fun with your wreath- you want it to look different from everyone else’s! If there’s nothing in particular that you’re passionate about then scents of the festive season is a great route to go down. Think of zesty waxflower, pines, eucalyptus, roses, clementines and cinnamon.

Own your decorations

Don’t just hang generic decorations as they say little about you. Your tree should be an extension of your wreath and be personal to you and your family. Collect decorations over the years so you build up a well-loved collection. Handmade decorations are some of the most beautiful; painted glass baubles with names on, painted ceramics and even simple ribbon are all sightly out-of-the-box ideas that will make your tree stand out as being one-of-a-kind.

With table decoration, less is more

Your table centre can also say a lot about you and you can make it totally individual. Consider that your guests will want to be able to see their food (and each other) so don’t laden the table with too much foliage. Incorporating beautiful flowers with natural foliage (think ivy, pine cones and holly) will look stunning and stick to elements that reflect your personality or passions. Added sparkle can be created with glassware, tableware or candle holders.

Sue’s top tip for your table? Use as many candles at varying heights as is possible for a warm, luxurious and welcoming look.

Don’t forget the napkins

Napkins are often treated as an afterthought but a pretty napkin will show you care. Decorate with velvet ribbon or berries (check they’re not poisonous) or use a simple flower which not only looks lovely but will also smell amazing. Napkin designs don’t necessarily have to match but some care and attention to detail adds that all important finishing touch to your table.

Go fresh over fake

Using fresh flowers and foliage will fill your house with that delicious festive fragrance. It’s a little more work and a tad more work but the overall effect is so much better than using fake trees or garlands that you have to dust off each year.

Experiment where you can

If a unique, statement wreath introduces the Christmas feel outside the house then mantelpieces and staircases are the places to experiment inside. Use the space you have to create large statement designs but they don’t need to be complicated. Simple ideas like glass jars filled with cranberries and one central candle or tea lights in amongst a green garland are the most effective. With a bit of guidance from a florist, you can easily bring a bit of Christmas into every room in the house. Experiment and have some fun!

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