These Cute Bikinis Will Warm Up Your Winter

The weather is cold and dreary across most of the US and UK right now, and while I do love a cozy rainy day or two – it can get a little dismal after weeks on end. Now of course LA is never all that cold compared to most places (especially those suffering from the polar vortex!), but this season has been unusually gloomy by our standards. It has me wanderlusting after beachy, tropical destinations, and I’m not the only one. In fact, more people than ever are zipping off on Winter sun getaways, or at the very least dreaming about them on Pinterest and Instagram. Last year we were lucky enough to escape to some awesome places like Cabo and Santa Barbara, but we’re already think about our next family vacay. If any of you mums or dads out there have suggestions for tropical, laidback vacation spots that are great for a one year old, we’d love your recommendations (though we probably won’t get the chance to escape the cold until closer to Spring). If you were clever enough to schedule a holiday in the middle of Winter, cheers to you! This selection of bikinis and one-pieces are sure to be the perfect addition to your jet-set wardrobe. Shop all my favorite swimwear at the moment, below!


2 responses to “These Cute Bikinis Will Warm Up Your Winter”

  1. Julie says:

    Loved the bikini article…👍

  2. Michał says:

    You are a Goddess.

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