Low Key & Creative Date Ideas For New Parents

To say that being new parents is an adjustment, is an understatement – especially as a mum. There’s a special bond between mum and baby that comes from being together for 9 months during pregnancy, and also after birth if you choose/are able to breastfeed. Either way, you’re feeding your newborn every few hours, spending almost every waking moment together, growing closer by the minute. And I’ve savored every second of it! But with all the feeding and diaper-changing, it can be incredibly easy to forget to nurture the other main relationship in your life, with your partner. Though it helps that we work together and have similar schedules, Mackenzie and I still get caught up in the daily grind of life just like any other couple. But is it possible to carve out time for each other with a newborn in the picture?

For me these days, cozying up by Mackenzie and watching TV on the couch with a cup of tea sounds as blissful as ever – I’m sure many mamas out there can relate! But I still think the “dating” and going out aspects of married life should not be neglected – and yes, it is possible to do with a newborn! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that Mackenzie and I recently attempted to go out for a night and though it only lasted 90 minutes, it was still amazing and romantic. I’ve come up with some fun date ideas for new parents that 1) won’t wear you out and 2) are sure to get you back home in time to take care of your little one. And though a date night may seem like an unnecessary luxury with a new baby in your life, believe me, nothing is as refreshing as rekindling the sparks with your significant other. Scroll down to see my ideas!

Hit Your Local Coffee Shop

Yes, it can be as simple as walking or driving to your favorite coffee spot, ordering your favorite beverage and pastry, and sitting down and to talk about life with your partner. This is also great because you can take your time doing this (no one’s bringing you the check) and you’ll also be surrounded by other people, which can feel like a huge treat when you’ve barely left the house in a few weeks. Mackenzie and I did this as our first ‘outing’ without Honor, and had a lot of fun choosing cake and messing around in West Hollywood – as ridiculous as that sounds!

Movie Night

If going to a movie theater and putting your phone on silent for 2 hours with a newborn sounds like a nightmare (since you’ll probably be worried sick about the sitter getting ahold of you the entire film), creating a fun ‘at home’ movie night is a great option for new parents. You can often find movies that are still in theaters on demand, or peruse through hundreds of options on Netflix. Light some candles, pour some red wine, pop some popcorn and cozy up together. Of course your baby may interrupt once or twice during the movie (we have watched films in two or three parts, but you get to the end in the end!), but setting up a romantic atmosphere will help make the most of the alone time you do have together.

Work Out Together

Mackenzie and I have always loved exercising together. There’s something fun and flirty about it, plus it only takes about an hour if you’re limited on time. If you have family visiting, or don’t have a sitter for very long, run out to a quick workout class together. Not only will this make you feel good personally, but you’ll have so much fun together in a refreshing setting that will feel new again after giving birth. My first class back was circuit training I loved to do when I was pregnant, called Training Mate. Loud music and seeing old workout buddies gave me the biggest adrenaline rush, and it was awesome to feel like I was back in the game, even if my strength needs a little more work…


If you’re no longer breastfeeding and can afford to be away from your baby for about 24 hours (and if you have a trusted babysitter or family member to leave your kiddos with), a staycation is the perfect option to rekindle the flames with your partner. Booking a nice hotel for the night in your city feels like such an escape, and you won’t be too far from your baby, which will make you feel more at ease. Getting dressed up, going out to dinner, and getting a solid night’s sleep in a luxurious hotel bed is an indulgent (and realistic) getaway for new parents and will help bring you closer together again.

Cook at Home Together

You already have the kitchen and the tools, so all you need is a fun recipe and the groceries. Mackenzie and I are all for home-cooked meals (if you’ve seen my Insta stories, you’ll notice Mackenzie is quite the visionary when it comes to cooking these days, LOL). My tip? Pick a new recipe that you’ve never tried before, dim the lights, and play some low-volume music to set a romantic atmosphere.

Or Go Out For a Meal

When you don’t want to brainstorm something too complicated or time-consuming, going out for a meal is always a good idea. We love sitting up at the bar with a cocktail and bar snacks – not only is it quicker and often a better atmosphere at the bar, but Happy Hour is early, before you’re completely shattered and hit the deck!

Go For a Walk

Now if the both of you are absolutely busy and can only squeeze in 15 minutes of your day to be together, then we’ve not a moment to lose. Take this time to take a quick stroll around your neighborhood and catch up with how one another is doing. It’s a good way to take a deep breath, get your body moving, and reconnect – if even just for a moment. Honor loves being carried in her sling as she gets to stay warm and cozy next to me: she falls asleep right away leaving Mackenzie and I time to chat and catch up in the fresh air.

Tell me your tips on how to stay connected to your partner with a new baby in the house – share below in the comments!


5 responses to “Low Key & Creative Date Ideas For New Parents”

  1. This is such a gorgeous post – it’s so important to find and/or make the time for each other no matter what the changes are.

    Rebecca | Peppermint Dolly

  2. Anastasiya says:

    I always enjoy reading what you post. This tips are extraordinary.
    I am not a mummy but I think these ideas also help to maintain a harmonious relationship even if you do not have a newborn.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Best regards

  3. Hello 🙂
    Our baby girl is almost 8 months. I’m still breastfeeding wich I really love and enjoy the time! Sometimes it’s hard because I don’t really have much time for me our my partner alone… buuut this is also not a problem for sometimes a little more stressful but that’s ok. We just take our baby girl everywhere with us and in the evenings when she’s asleep we’re doing our date night at home, we can both cook so we don’t really need to go to the restaurant or we order some food. Of course I miss our date nights alone and well all the naughty stuff you cand do when you don’t have a baby :)) but this is not forever like this and the time flies so fast so we enjoy every moment. I think it’s important to find the balance. If you can go out at night like me because I’m breastfeeding than you have to take care you are taking you’re date night at home. You dress up put some make up and you enjoy the time that you have alone with your partner!
    Hope my Englisch is right, I’m from Germany 😀
    Best regards !!

  4. Sumbul Amir says:

    Cool ideas. Movie one is the best. ?

  5. Jen Abramson says:

    I really love this post.
    My partner and I have been together since feb 2013 and after our daughter was born in 2017, it was so difficult to find time just for us. We never leave the house without her because we live in Florida and we don’t have family nearby since they all live in NYC. So when she’s asleep, we dim the lights and watch a movie together or sit on our back porch with a candle and music playing.

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