I’m Moving! Tips On Moving House

If you guys have been watching my Insta stories, you might have noticed that Mackenzie and I are moving into a new house! While we loved our old place (see how we renovated it here), we felt like it was time to find more of a “forever home” as we embark on this new chapter of our lives as a newlywed couple. We found our new place shortly after we got married, and everything fell into place so quickly that we found ourselves having to move in a hurry. Plus, on top of that – Mackenzie got hired for a directing job in the UK for about a month, so I was stuck with most of the move all on my own! He really lucked out on that one, didn’t he?

I’ve definitely learned several lessons in the process, and wanted to share my top moving tips for anyone moving into a new apartment or home, solo or with a partner! If you guys have any additional tips, make sure to leave a comment below.

How To Make Moving Easier:

1. Buy ample supplies. Make sure to buy boxes, bubble wrap, tape and tissue paper in advance, and plenty of it. Once you’re on a roll you don’t want to run out, and there’s nothing more frustrating than stopping your flow to run to the store for more. Buy boxes in different sizes and always put super heavy items, like books into small boxes. Don’t make any box so heavy that it can’t be picked up!

2. Don’t forget to label. Labeling every box by room and content will make your life so much easier. It’ll be helpful to both you and the movers to know where each box goes, and once you’re ready to open/organize, you can navigate everything much more quickly and easily.

3. Purge as you go. Throw out as much as you can while you pack, and make a separate pile for donations. It feels so liberating to streamline your stuff, and it’s definitely easier to move with less junk. Depending on where you live, you can even set up a donation pick up with a local charity, or find a donation center close to you for unwanted items. Don’t forget a receipt for taxes!

4. Store leftovers. Take advantage of storage services to house any items that won’t fit into your new space. Organize these items either style-wise or space-wise (I have some older home items that no longer match my decor but that I don’t want to get rid of, and some larger pieces that are family heirlooms but won’t fit). Clutter is my favorite new storage service – they have locations across the country, and are crazy affordable. Plus, not only do they store your items for you but they even help you move by packing up items and taking them to your storage unit for you. Once you’re ready to access one of your items again, you can easily schedule a delivery date online, and they’ll bring it directly to your home. It takes so much of the hassle out of the moving process. This was especially helpful since I didn’t have Mackenzie with me to help with the heavy lifting.

5. Wine. Moving is stressful, and if you’re renovating on top of it all like I was, so many things can go wrong. As hard as it can be, know that roadblocks will always come up, and try to take them in stride. At the end of the day, you’re moving to a new place, and that’s awesome! Take certain things with you in your own car (if you’re hiring movers). After a long day moving, you’ll want bedsheets, bath towels, toilet paper and a good takeout dinner number to hand. And anything super sentimental, such as family heirlooms and jewelry, should also travel with you. Wind down at night with a big glass of red to shake off the stress. Cheers!


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