Cutest Eyeglasses Trends For 2017

Little known fact about me: I wear eyeglasses! I rarely take photos with them on, as I mainly need them for long distances like the movies or driving at night, but I’m always so shocked by how many compliments I get when I wear them. My husband Mackenzie quite likes how I look in them, and some friends recently have complimented me when I’ve had them on (even many of my closest friends rarely see me in them). So, I thought it was time to start wearing them more often as a cute fashion accessory, to add a little something to my outfit.

As I’m sure many of you can relate, wearing contacts can be a real drag sometimes, especially when you travel as often as I do. Now that I’ve decided to wear my reading glasses more often, it feels pretty liberating whenever I skip my contacts while getting ready in the morning. I still wear them 80% of the time, but it feels fun to switch it up and has inspired me to invest in a few cute new pairs of eyeglasses. Here are some cute eyeglasses trends that I think will be so cute for 2017. Shop my picks below!

Bold Tortoise

In my search for new glasses, I’ve noticed some seriously cool tortoise shell frames that really make a statement. There are so many cute pairs that vary in color and shape, oversized, round, you name it. I’m loving the new twist on tortoise!

Cool Colors

With Spring just around the corner, try an interesting color frame to add some interest to your look. My favorites so far are rose pink, teal green, and even multicolored.


I think the clear look is so unexpected and chic. Plus, they go with literally any color palette, though I would tend to wear them in a more casual setting. A true fashionista frame!


You’ll never go wrong sporting a classic, even slightly masculine pair of eyeglasses (like these cool Oliver Peoples ones that I’m wearing). Emily Ratajkowski is one startlet that sports this look all the time, and I love how it adds a touch of distinguished style to even the most casual looks. These are also great for wearing to work.

How many of my readers wear glasses? Let me know in the comments!


5 responses to “Cutest Eyeglasses Trends For 2017”

  1. Jamie says:

    Love this post! I also wear glasses for the same reasons and they are one of my favorite accessories. I like to switch up the style every time I have to get a new pair. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  2. Lily says:

    I loved All of These Styles ! i do Wear Glasses But Not all the time .

  3. Franciska M says:

    Oh yes, those eyeglasses look amazing on you! X

  4. Crystle says:

    I also wear glasses sometimes but I found this difficult to do because I don’t feel so beautiful and pretty. I think I need to find more self-confidence and don’t care about what people do or say about me I love when people like you are able to wear an accessory like glasses always looking beautiful and fascinating.

  5. Nanna Noe Weis says:

    You look so cute with glasses. Where are yours from? What brand, they are so pretty
    Love you and sweet person.

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