Behind the Glass: Make Up Tips for Glasses

I’ve long needed some makeup tips for glasses. For those of us whose frames are more
of a necessity than an accessory, we know the beauty issues that go along with wearing them.
But don’t reach for your contacts just yet because today, I’m sharing secrets I’ve gathered on how to
incorporate frames into any makeup routine. It’s official; eyeglasses are now a big fashion statement. From geek to chic, fashionistas are hitting the streets and sporting their spectacles with pride.

Curl your lashes. For my long-lashed ladies, you know that feeling when your wispies hit your
lenses? It can be quite distracting and annoying. That’s why an eyelash curler is your new best
friend. It gives your lashes a little lift, pulling them up and away from the glass. If you’re
looking for a longer-lasting solution, try a semi-permanent lash lift. I’ve been getting mine done
for a while now, and I absolutely love how much it opens the eyes up!

Don’t skip the powder. Throughout the day, your glasses might tend to slip and slide down your
nose, smearing your foundation and creating little red marks on your bridge. Since many makeup
formulas tend to get oilier the longer you wear them, it’s always a good idea to carry around
some pressed powder. For an extra dose of matte, try a mattifying stick like MilkMakeup’s Blur Stick.

Add a pop of color. Your frames are eye-catching by themselves but pairing them with a pop of
color reads as effortlessly stylish. Swiping on a fun and bright lip is an easy way to balance out
any statement specs as it draws attention to the rest of the face. For the fall months, I love to go
with a rich shade like this lipstick and liner duo from Charlotte Tilbury.

Disguise your under-eye. Many glass-wearers think they can skip concealer since their frames
will cover their under-eye. In reality, the shadows cast by glasses can actually make your dark
circles or uneven complexion look worse. The remedy? Grab your favorite brightening
concealer, finish with a matte powder, and you’re set for the day.

Don’t neglect your brows. A well kept pair of eyebrows is the best thing you can do for a groomed look overall. Fill in any patches with an eyebrow pencil and use a brow brush to add some texture and shape to your brows.

Take care of your eyes. It may sound obvious and we all know how fragile the skin around our eyes is but taking care to add an eye care step into your skincare routine will really make all the difference to how bright your peepers are behind your lenses. Eye creams, serums, regular masks and always remember to remove all your makeup before you sleep.

How do you look stunning in specs? What are your makeup tips for glasses? Let me know in the comments and shop my top glasses friendly makeup below.

Louise Roe of Front Roe explains how to wear makeup with glasses

Louise Roe of Front Roe explains how to wear makeup with glassesWhat I’m Wearing: Dress by V. Chapman Studio (similar here), Glasses by Oliver Peoples


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