Foolproof Selfie Tips

Guys, we all know that we’re living in the age of the selfie. It was the word of the year last year, and who can forget the song that it inspired? Selfies are commonplace, and while I’m not mad at scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing good ones, I think we can all agree that snapping a shot that’s actually post-worthy requires a little more work than simply, well…snapping a shot! Read on for five easy tips to making sure you’re ready for your close-up.

1. Find Your Good Side: Everyone has one, so find yours and use it. Angles are much more flattering than straight-on shots, and turning your head slightly will give your features more depth. Raise the camera above your line of vision, steady your gaze on the lens, and snap away.

2. Light It Up: Want your selfie to seriously shine? Light it up. If you’re outside, face directly into or away from the sun, and if you’re inside, look for an extra boost from a window.

3. Background Check: My favorite selfies either have a simple-yet-beautiful background, or a fun, eye-catching one. And, never forget to double check your surroundings – no one wants to see an unmade bed, or a trash can peeking out from behind you.

4. Find Your Filter: Find a filter that works for you, and stick with it. I personally love Valencia – it has a dreamy finish and is so flattering. But, like clothing, filters aren’t one-size-fits-all, so find what works for you! If you’re especially serious about your selfie-game, I also recommend downloading a photo editing app like Afterlight or VSCO.

5. Loosen Up: If you’re feeling a bit camera shy, put the phone down, shake it out, and then put the lens back on you and snap quickly. You’ll photograph beautifully if you’re feeling confident and relaxed.


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  1. ConmiBolsoaCuestas says:

    Hi Louise! I love PLAIN JANE but I saw you first in The City and I felt in love with your style. Big kiss from Madrid!

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