Ready, Set, Dressed for 2015!

As far as occasions go, New Year’s Eve might just be the most fun holiday to get dressed up for. You can pull off virtually any look: majorly dressed up, cool and casual… This year, I’m really into the modern ladylike look. I pulled together this outfit recently and liked it so much I think I’ll wear a version of it for NYE!

The trick to making this look your own is to mix feminine staples like a longer, full skirt with statement accessories. This knee length floral skirt could look a bit conservative, but paired with cherry red heels, a fun, sparkly clutch and vintage jewelry, it looks anything but Betty Draper. The cutout top I’m wearing with it is a great way to balance the look — cut outs are a little sexy without leaving you too exposed. What do you think guys?



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Get the look: Sweater by Marilyn Monroe, Skirt by Keepsake The Label (similar style here), Shoes by Nine West, Clutch by Nine West, Jewelry by Chairish (similar styles here)


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157 responses to “Ready, Set, Dressed for 2015!”

  1. Orianne says:

    I like your floral skirt:)

  2. H Bruce says:

    Thank you Louise for the inspiration. The styling is both bold and extremely feminine.

  3. Lex MG says:


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