My Favourite 2023 Advent Calendars

We absolutely love advent calendars and every year Mackenzie and I have fun browsing and shopping for one to spoil ourselves a little. Our favourites are definitely the food & drink ones – perfect for a little surprise treat at the end of the day. But I do love a beauty or a stationery one as well!

For the girls, we are making it a family tradition to prepare it ourselves every year. We got a handmade, reusable one a few years back and we fill it with all sorts of little gifts for them, from chocolates to coloured pencils and stickers, and the girls can’t wait to open one drawer every day.

Below you can find my favourite advent calendars for every budget and taste – some are beautifully handcrafted and made to last, and others are packed with wonderful goodies:


Wooden Village Advent Calendar

Papier Stationer Advent Calendar

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar

12 Days of Advent Calendar in Gold – Jewels by Astrid & Miyu

 Harrods of London Advent Calendar

Holly Advent Candle

Selfridges’ 12 Days of Coffe Avent Calendar

Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Truffles Advent Calendar

Fortnum & Mason’s Tea-Filled Wooden Advent Calendar



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