Entertaining 101

Entertaining has always been one of my favourite things – whether it’s creating the perfect tablescape or preparing delicious drinks, I love taking care of the little details and making sure that my guests have a wonderful time. Here are my tips on how to create the perfect tablescape for your next gathering – from setting the table to setting the mood.

1. Layer up! More is more and I love a table that is a real showstopper and looks gloriously overflowing with different colours, textures, food and drink. It’s decadent and fun seeing layers of ceramics too; placing soup plates over dinner plates or chargers, and a folded napkin over the top of that too.

2. Add character. I love tablescapes to feel authentic and lived in, full of stories. Growing up, there was always a mix of vintage crockery on the table, much of it chipped, so add in an old family dish or two.

3. Setting the mood. The right atmosphere is crucial. A beautiful table won’t feel magical unless the vibe in the room is also right. For evenings, that means candles lining the centre of the table, soft lighting (even in the kitchen, lower the dimmers or add a lamp), and a great playlist. These are all things you can prepare in advance to take the pressure off once guests arrive.

4. Flowers galore. Flowers complete the table, but personally, I prefer small arrangements in little vases or jam jars. It keeps the atmosphere relaxed rather than formal and means people can actually see each other to chat across the table!

5. Make a seating plan. As surprising as it may sound, having a seating plan doesn’t mean the event is suddenly formal, but rather just ensures a really good time. You know your friends, and you’ll know best where everyone should sit. Have fun with little cards and pretty writing, your guests will appreciate the effort!

Entertaining 101

Entertaining 101

Entertaining 101

Entertaining 101

Entertaining 101



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