Valentine’s Day – Gifts for Him

Our February has been quite busy this year, so for Valentine’s day Mackenzie and I are keeping things simple: a romantic dinner out just the two of us followed by a show at the cinema or theatre.

I also got him a little something for the occasion and while shopping around I collected a few lovely gift ideas for the special someone in your life. Check them out below:

1. Blue Wool Jacket

2. Tissot Watch

3. Abercrombie Waffle Beanie

4. Diptyque Candle

5. Theragun Massage Gun

6. New Balance 550 Sneakers

7. The Eleventh Hour by Redo Perfume

8. Toblerone Bar “I love you”

9. Le Labo After-Shave Balm

10. Mohair Cardigan

11. Blundstone Boots



Louise Loves

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