My very own skirted tables

I’m thrilled to present Sharland England’s brand-new handwoven rattan furniture collection! A set of nostalgic, romantic tables whose shape is one of my favourites: a billowing, scalloped wave at the base which calls to mind a skirt or tablecloth, blowing in the breeze.

I have always been a fan of rattan and its history (did you know the Titanic had an entire rattan lounge bar?), so I thought I’d share some history to what inspired the design of these pieces.

The scallops originated in the mid-century and are known as trompe l’oeil drapery. In fact, my great-grandmother Marjorie Sharland, after whom the brand is named, had a side table in this style when she lived in Buenos Aires, many decades ago. From the French “fool the eye” this artistic technique was originally applied to wall & ceiling painting and essentially, it gives the illusion of a bigger, deeper space.

If I had to pick a favourite among these tables, it would have to be the round coffee table- perfect for afternoon tea or early evening cocktails.

Louise Roe & Sharland England's new Adaline furniture collection

Louise Roe & Sharland England's new Adaline furniture collection



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