Are you ready for the beach? I definitely am, and so are the girls and Mackenzie! The heatwave hit London quite hard, and we can’t wait to be on a sunny beach by the sea, playing in the sand, eating tons of gelato and enjoying the sunsets. It’s going to be a short family getaway, but I wanted to be prepared so I did some shopping and got beach essentials for the whole fam! See them below and find more on my Amazon shop.

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

2. Straw Beach Bag

3. Toddler Swimsuit & Hat Set

4. Cotton Beach Towels

5. Floral Print Bikini

6. Espadrilles Wedges

7. The Shadow of the Wind

8. Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit

9. SPF 50+ for children

10. Navy Swim Shorts

11. Little Girl Ruffled Swimsuit

12. Learning To Swim

13. Pineapple Float



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