Keeping Warm In Winter

Without really making a statement- radiators can, in fact, make or break a room. We decided to get rid of the existing ones at our new house as they were dated and if I’m honest, quite an eyesore, and when you’re making such an effort with the rest of the decoration – it was definitely worth overhauling these too. Not to mention that they could be more cost effective in terms of heating the house and in the long run, better for the environment. 


I recognised Rutland Radiators as they’re used in various Soho House locations and just look elegant, without dominating a room. They’re hand-made in England and extremely well crafted. Rutland can also paint your radiators to match your walls – which we’ve done in the master bedroom with our absolute favourite green, Lichen by Farrow & Ball. We also painted one in Mackenzie’s dressing room to match the walls, Normandy Grey by Little Greene. 

I wanted a column shape to feel like the Victorian cast iron ones we had at our old place, not only are they slimline but they’re a beautiful vintage shape too. 

I also learned there’s a lot more science to choosing the right size and amount of ‘rads’ (that’s industry speak, fyi!) to give off the right amount of heat per square foot. So I’ve cobbled together my beginner’s guide to heating your home…



  • Consider whether you’ll need to change existing pipework 
  • Your radiator has to fit under your window sills (or any other feature!)
  • Off-the-shelf versus a custom radiator: it’s worth exploring both options because bespoke sizing could actually save money on installation if your radiator is made to fit your existing pipework.

Feeling the heat

  • Your windows, walls, room size and the age of your house all affect your heat requirements – called a BTU. Rutland and their installers, as well as any good supplier should be able to help you to identify your required output.

Size matters 

  • All of the above affect the size of your radiator! We’ve gone for something large enough to make our home toasty, but discrete enough to blend in. Remember you can go for slim tall options as well as low and wide. 

Don’t forget the valves

  • The size and aesthetics of your radiators may be subject to the valves you choose, so keep them in mind! We opted for a cherry wood hand wheel and I love the warm look it creates. 

Paint them!

  • Rads can be painted to match the room, a look I love, as mentioned above



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