Longer Term Rentals For Busy Times

Moving house with a three year-old; a new baby on the way and a home renovation to oversee has made for a busy few months. There was always going to be a gap between moving out of one house and into another…especially as renovations always take longer than you think.

We wanted something that was longer than a holiday rental, which tend to be charged by the night- but at the same time – looking with an estate agent meant committing to a property for 6 months minimum. We needed about 3 months. It was a tricky period to navigate. However- onefinestay has just started offering longer term rentals from between thirty nights and six months…which was perfect for what we needed. The luxury hospitality brand has launched their fully flexible services for those needing a home away from home for that little bit longer, in some of the best parts of London and beyond, in cities like LA with New York to follow.

The flexibility of onefinestay is what made it so perfect for us. With Honor an energetic toddler, and me being eight and a half months pregnant when we made the move back into London, our rental needed to be homely but not require a lot of upkeep. All of onefinestay’s longer term rentals are beautifully kept with 24 hour guest support and housekeeping but you can choose to use their extensive list of services including grocery delivery, chefs, drivers and spa treatments. The dream for parents with a newborn! We had our weekly cleaning and laundry service which has been an enormous help. I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver having in-home meals delivered was when Ines was born. The team are super practical too: when it got hot this Summer, they dropped off a bunch of fans to cool us down! 

We found our rental not far from our new home, which as mentioned was being renovated. This was ideal as I could nip down to check on proceedings, whilst tag- teaming baby duties with Mackenzie. If you’re looking for something central, there are some stunning houses in Knightsbridge, on the Strand and in Notting Hill on their books. You can also save fees on your stays the longer they are, plus longer term rentals are opening up in the US later this year. What sets them apart is the all-inclusive offering. If you’re renting a flat you have to organise all the bills, wifi and TV licences etc, even if it’s just a short-term let. onefinestay do all of that for you so you have more time to enjoy your stay without the stress of all the admin.

The comfort of a home with all the amenities of a hotel- exactly what these two exhausted parents needed.


Louise Loves

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