Feed Your Skin The Organic Way

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I recently wrote about Juice Beauty lipsticks but I’m also a big fan of trying to feed my skin the organic way and using Juice Beauty’s skincare range. I’ve always been a fan of organic products that are clean and chemical-free so I love being able to be as confident about what I put on my skin as I am about what goes into my body. Two things I’ve been using religiously are the Stem Cellular Anti Wrinkle Booster Serum and the Stem Cellular CC Cream. 

My Mum always told me to start using anti-aging products before I needed to and I really listened (Mums always have the best advice and it’s likely that your skin will be similar to theirs) so I’ve been using the Booster Serum for a while. It’s a light gel-like serum that absorbs quickly into the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s packed with fruit stem cells, Vitamin C and grapeseed to enhance skin tone and improve texture. I use this morning, noon and night and top it up during the day if I need to. It’s a big tube which is great for me because I use A LOT of it.

The CC cream comes in five shades and has SPF 30- I’m a little sun damage paranoid so I love that this has high protection. On days when I’m just working I will wear a layer of this without much else on top- it’s the perfect base layer for every day. It’s pretty much a 12-in-1 tube (with the tiniest nozzle so there’s none wasted) which brightens, tightens, evens, softens and smoothes. I cannot get enough of it.

There’s a Juice Beauty range for every skin type. Shop my handpicked skincare selections below and your skin will thank you for feeding it the organic way.


Feed your skin the organic way

Feed your skin the organic way

Feed your skin the organic way



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2 responses to “Feed Your Skin The Organic Way”

  1. Charlotte says:

    I just wanted to ask which color of CC cream do you use?
    Thank you so much in advance for your return,
    Have a lovely day,

  2. Louise says:

    Hello Charlotte,
    I use colour Rosy Glow.
    Hope that helps!

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