Evening Bags Every Day? Don’t Mind If I Do

 I’ve just realized that my collection of evening bags is bigger than I thought. They don’t get used as much these days simply because I spend many more nights in (red wine and Miss Marple is my idea of heaven) so I decided to give all my clutches and silky evening bags a new lease of life by using them in the day.

There’s nothing like a chic clutch or satin purse to smarten up an outfit and I love using bags to add pops of bright color to an otherwise neutral dress. With an evening outfit, the bag is often an afterthought- bring them out during daylight hours and this need not be the case. Not only are they sentimental (bags make such good presents between girlfriends) and so deserve their fair share of air time but being small, they’re so good  for those little errand-y days when you don’t want a massive tote. LA is enjoying a bit of a heatwave at the moment and so I’ve dug out my chicest ivory mini dress, slid into some comfy flats and grabbed my bright yellow bag for a day exploring my favorite LA neighborhoods. Evening bags as day bags? Don’t mind if I do.

Jewel colored silks, box clutches and sequin beauties all make up some of my favorite bags. Shop my  picks below and enjoy being able to show off your most elegant accessories.


Evening bags every day

What I’m Wearing: Dress by Réalisation Par (similar here) Bag by Edie Parker (similar here and here), Shoes by A Piedi (similar here), Shades by Ray Ban


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