The Best Summer Jumpsuit

Pastel jumpsuits are everywhere at the moment and I’m totally here for it. Think your favorite childhood candy – peppermint cream (I used to make those with my sister), orange sherbet, those chewy banana sweets and parma violets. Pastels can make such a statement- beachy vibes, or more pulled together. There are also lots of linen and cotton versions which are perfectly cool for the Summer heat. Slightly bored of dresses? Look no further than a trusty all-in-one.

Don’t assume that just because you’re a certain shape, you can’t wear one. Jumpsuits come in so many different forms and silhouettes, so whether you’re looking for a solid color, patterned loose-fit, tight, long-sleeved or strapless, there’s going to be one to suit your shape and style. They can be dressed up for a more formal event like a wedding or dressed down for a casual lunch date with your girlfriends.

Fashion tip: style your jumpsuit with a pair of big earrings, cute sandals and a pair of shades and you’re good to go. Light-tone blazers are perfect, trendy addition to wear over your jumpsuit when you’re transitioning from the heat outside to air-conditioned restaurants and shops. They break up the look and give it an additional dimension.

Check out all my favorite summer jumpsuits below, and make sure to tell me which ones you love in the comments!


What I’m wearing: Jumpsuit by Camila Coelho for REVOLVE, Shoes by 42 GOLD, Blazer by H&M, Sunglasses by Garrett Leight




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  1. I love that it’s mint green. So darn cute!

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