My new favorite Mom-Hack: How to Save Time on your weekly Grocery Run!

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As a working mom, I’m constantly trying to beat the clock – racing to hit a deadline or finish a meeting, before my 4pm cut-off, when our amazing nanny leaves. She looks after Honor in the week, and Mackenzie and I could not run our business without her help. That million dollar question of how to find balance, I’ve realized, is one that will never be solved, but there are ways of making life easier, so I get more time to hang out with my favorite person in the world, Honor. I am often worried about the possibility of missing out on special moments in her life and I’m sure all working moms can relate to this feeling – so I’m sharing my new mom-hack with you guys!

I recently discovered Walmart’s Grocery Pickup app, and it has changed the game. I now open the app, order my groceries, and – that same day – I pull up to a specially-assigned parking space and collect them from my nearest Walmart. A nice Walmart lady or man even loads them to my trunk – done! Oh and if like me, you’re a control freak when it comes to hand-picking your avos and apples, these guys are trained to go for the very best looking produce. It has made grocery shopping super quick, incredibly easy and so efficient. And as you guys know, they literally sell everything – so last week we went nuts on pool floaties, outdoor toys and BBQ items, for a weekend away to our friend’s house.

Scroll through to see my weekly necessities when I’m on the go and don’t have time to spend at the grocery store.

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