5 Things You Need For Beach Chic

Malibu beach days are one of my absolute favorite things about Summer- packing a picnic and spending a lazy day on the sand always makes me feel so grateful to live near the sea. Mackenzie loves to surf whenever we get the opportunity to go down to Malibu and I’m really enjoying helping Honor explore the beach and paddle in the waves. If we’re tying in a beach trip with a visit to some friends or a dinner out then there are certain things I will always take with me so that I can be comfortable but still maintain my beach chic.

The Straw Boater

Possibly my favorite type of sun hat; I’m all for a wide floppy brim but when you’re chasing a toddler around, a boater is a hat I don’t have to constantly push out of the way. They’re also not as easy to carry around in the evenings. A boater keeps the sun off my head and goes with dresses as well as shorts and a swimsuit. There’s also something very British about a straw boater in the Summer and so I feel a little nostalgic when I wear this one.

The Floaty Maxi Dress

I could live in this dress. Effortlessly easy to throw on (over a swimsuit too) and perfectly floaty at the same time. Cotton is essential on hot California days and a loose fit keeps me cool. Tight-fitting clothes are an absolute no no on the beach. Not only is this tiered sundress a perfect daytime option but also looks really smart when it’s dressed up with some jewelry. I’ve honestly worn this endlessly!

The Sunglasses

An absolute beach staple- I’ve definitely had beach days ruined when I’ve forgotten to pack some sunglasses and my Wayfarers are a pair I go back to time and time again. There’s nothing I can’t wear them with and I know that they’ll keep my eyes protected from sun, sand and spray. On a beach day these are the first things I reach for- a classic that’ll be forever chic. I also find I keep them on right up until the end of the day. The Malibu sunsets are famously beautiful but not without glasses.

The Espadrille

Obviously I don’t recommend wearing heels on the beach but a wedged espadrille can look just as elegant as a high heel and it’s actually possible to stay in them all day. On the sand itself then barefoot is best but when we’re wandering around the shops and restaurants, tie up espadrilles give me that extra big of glamour without compromising on practicality. The high wedges are super stylish but the lower heel height looks just as good if you’re on your feet all day. For a beach party or BBQ where you want to be a little smarter with your seaside style, an espadrille wedge is the perfect option.

The Bucket Bag

As every mother will tell you, a day out without a bag of some sort is totally impossible. Gone are the days when you could be out for hours with nothing but a clutch! That being said, I really don’t love carrying around a huge basket full of things I may or may not need. When we’re at the beach I always bring a bag that closes- partly for safety and partly for sand. A bucket bag that will fit in the essentials is a stylish answer to a potentially sandy problem.

Five items that will take me easily from a beach day to a beach evening. Who’s ready for a sundowner?!


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