What To Wear When You Meet The Parents

Starting a relationship is fun, exciting, and full of firsts. First date, first kiss, and even your first fight (it happens!). Another first that can seem extremely nerve racking is meeting your partner’s family for the first time. There are a number of worries that may come to mind when the topic of meeting the parents comes up. Will you say the right thing? Will you fit in with the overall family dynamic? And what in the world are you going to wear?

One of the most important things that often goes forgotten in terms of meeting your partner’s family, is the concept of staying true to yourself. You want to be classy and respectful, but you don’t want to fake it. It’s important to be yourself! This should 100% translate over in to what you choose to wear for the occasion. While it may not be the best time to bust out your low cut body suit and sexy leather mini skirt, remember to stay true to your style when selecting your look. There are plenty of ways to add a little sophistication and class to an outfit that you would normally wear in your day to day life. Read on for looks that I have hand picked, perfect to meet the parents in!

Boho and Bright

This is ideal for a Sunday brunch or coffee shop meeting. It shows off your fun side with a colorful print, comfy sneakers and a whimsical basket bag. The dress isn’t too short, or too low cut, but the lace up details make it a little more unique. Throw an oversized denim jacket on top to complete your outfit!



This is an elevated version of your usual ripped denim, white tee, and moto jacket. Instead, try these white trousers with a black turtle neck and a simple cross body bag. This chic, two toned look will express your own personal version of edgy elegance.


Cute But Casual

Sometimes meeting the parents doesn’t mean sitting down for a meal. This look is perfect for a day at the flea market, or even just stopping by their home to say hello. Tapered, fitted jeans with embroidery help to ensure they aren’t too tight, and a slouchy, white button up adds a little bit of class. Espadrilles and minimal gold hoops help to finish off the look in a relaxed, yet put together way.


Evening Look

Maybe the first interaction with your partner’s fam is as a plus one at a wedding or big event. You want to dress up, but not look like you spent hours (or days, or weeks) agonizing over choosing the perfect outfit. I love this blush toned dress, paired with simple nude heels. Skip out on the bold makeup and instead, rock a warm, glowy highlight for a naturally beautiful finish. You will stun without commanding too much attention to yourself.

Louise Roe gives fashion advice on what to wear when you meet the parents
Louise Roe gives fashion advice on what to wear when you meet the parents
Louise Roe gives fashion advice on what to wear when you meet the parents
Louise Roe gives fashion advice on what to wear when you meet the parents
Louise Roe gives fashion advice on what to wear when you meet the parents
Louise Roe gives fashion advice on what to wear when you meet the parents


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