10 Ways To Revamp Your Closet In 2018

The new year always feels like a fresh slate, full of opportunities to improve yourself, your life, and to let go of the past. One of my favorite places to let go? My closet. I love shopping for new pieces when the seasons change, but no matter how big your walk-in closet may be (like these dreamy blogger closets) – it’s just not sustainable to add new pieces and trends to your closet without making room from time to time. I recently chatted with Who What Wear UK about my tops tip on what you can toss from your closet in the new year, and some ideas for the perfect replacements. Read on for organizational tips, and watch my very own closet tour below!

5 Things To Toss Now:

1. Worn out sneakers
We all have that one pair of sneakers. They’re scuffed, dirty, the soles are worn down, and… they may even smell a little (ew!). Although it may be hard to part with the trusty pair that have been there for you for so long, this season is the perfect time to purchase new ones. As Spring collections are released, brands like Adidas, Nike, Superga, and Veja have plenty of cute and comfy choices.


2. Any piece you haven’t worn in two years (or more)
This is my cardinal closet rule! Unless it has some sentimental value, it’s not worth keeping around if it’s sat in the back of your closet for years. Your closet is valuable real estate and these useless clothes are a waste of precious space. Donate them, sell them to a consignment store, or sell them on an app like Depop (check out my closet on the app here).

3. Old boxes and hangers
While it’s a nice thought to keep your shoes in their original boxes, or reuse those hangers for years on end, sometimes it’s necessary to invest in new means of organization. Old, crushed boxes can actually damage your shoes when stacked, and plastic or wire hangers from the dry cleaners may cause holes or stretching in knit items. Replace these with durable options like a shoe rack to keep your shoes accessible, and velvet hangers which both save space and are much gentler on your clothes.


4. Tacky prints and outdated colors
Say goodbye to overwhelming graphic prints and neon colors. This year is all about deep earthy hues, jewel tones, and dainty, delicate prints. They’re more flattering, easier on the eyes, and pair well with other pieces that are already in your wardrobe. When in doubt, turn to the ‘gram and grab some inspo from your favorite bloggers. I’m constantly browsing social media to gain inspiration and get the heads up on what trends are upcoming, or out.


5. Overly destroyed denim
Gone are the days of tattered, thigh-length shreds on denim. Say goodbye to those outdated boyfriend jeans from 2012 and go for something simpler. There’s still a way to wear distressed denim and look put together in 2018. These days, I’m seeing a lot of jeans with rips just in the knees, or even a simple raw hem. I love how this adds an edgy factor to your look, but still keeps it appropriate and adult.


5 Ways To Organize:

1. Keep it seasonal
It’s important to rotate your clothes out to fit the season. When the weather gets really warm, I know it’s time to pack away my puffy jackets and fuzzy sweaters. This helps save space, and makes it so much easier to choose a weather-appropriate outfit when I’m getting dressed. Plus, bringing your clothes out for the next season makes them feel like new again! Try vacuum sealed bags (like these) which are perfect for storing away bulkier items when they’re not in use – they’re such space savers.

2. Easy access
We all have our favorite go-to pieces, like a simple white tee or a pair of dark wash jeans. Keeping items like these at eye level, on an open shelf makes it easier to avoid a cleaning up a mess. This way, you don’t have to go rummaging through your drawers and disturb other neatly ordered clothes that you don’t wear as often. If you have the space, try open shelving which allows you to keep folded items visible, so you never forget what you have. Watch my closet tour below, where you can see how I’ve organized and color coordinated all my sweaters.

3. Treat your clothes with the love they deserve
In order to keep your clothes looking their best (so you can look your best), you must store them properly. This could mean folding your sweaters instead of hanging them to avoid saggy shoulders, making sure your long dresses and coats are hung up high enough so they don’t graze the floor, or standing your purses upright so they maintain their shape.

4. Beautify
Transform your closet from a plain, old storage space to a place that you actually enjoy being in. Starting your day in a clean, organized, and pretty closet can help you feel more confident when picking out an outfit. Add a full length mirror to make the space seem larger, coordinate your hangers (I love wood hangers for heavier, designer items, and these thin velvet hangers for everything else), store items in woven or wicker baskets, and make sure the lighting is just right. If your closet isn’t very big, invest in a few space-saving organizational pieces, like shoe racks, portable drawers, and space bags.

While it can be a huge task to take on, organizing your closet can make a huge difference in your style – The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ saying totally applies to your closet, and the more accessible and visible everything is to you, the more you’ll wear it. So worth it! After all, if you can’t see what you have, how are you supposed to make the best outfit choice? New year, new closet, new you. Click below to watch my very own closet tour!



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3 responses to “10 Ways To Revamp Your Closet In 2018”

  1. Maja Harder says:

    This is so true! I have a lot of pieces that I probably haven’t worn in years but which I still feel are amazing. But I really have to let them go haha.

  2. Shloka says:

    These are fabulous tips! I’m actually currently in the process of cleaning out my closet and these tips are so good!


  3. Lauren Reilly says:

    Who makes that red dress in your TV section in the video? That is everything!

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