5 Trends To Check Out For NYE

I can’t believe 2017 is almost over! This year has gone by especially fast for me, as we’ve been non-stop preparing to start a brand new journey as parents to a little girl. While I certainly won’t be partying much this New Years Eve (the baby is due so soon!), I haven’t been able to resist checking out all the amazing cocktail attire online and in stores. There are so many gorgeous, unique options out there at this time of year. Today I’m sharing with you 5 of my favorite NYE trends for the last night of 2017 – and what I’d be wearing if I was heading out on the town!

5 NYE Outfit Ideas

1. Va Va Velvet
Velvet is such a staple for winter, but I especially love the way it looks as a cocktail dress. It’s such a rich material that it makes even the most simple silhouette look super glam.


2. All That Glitters
A sparkly New Years Eve look doesn’t have to be over-the-top. Try dressing down a metallic dress with simple black pumps, a pinned back hair style, natural makeup, and minimal jewelry.


3. Slip In To Something (Actually) Comfortable
Slip dresses are the epitome of an easy, breezy, yet put-together look. Try a bright color – like red, or a deep jewel tone – like emerald, to start the new year by standing out from the crowd.


4. Jump(suit) Around
Jumpsuits are a lesser known NYE staple, but if you live in a colder climate they can honestly be a godsend compared to a LBD. A long sleeved or wide-legged jumpsuit can be so understatedly sexy for New Years, and you’ll be super warm and cozy if you pair one with a faux fur coat.


5. Not Your Grandma’s Lace
Lace can be cheeky, classy and sexy all at once… all great attitudes to head into 2018 with! I love how this trend has a vintage vibe with a modern twist.

Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses
Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses
Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses
Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses
Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses
Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses
Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses
Louise Roe NYE Party Dresses

What I’m Wearing: Dress by Rachel Pally, Heels by Jimmy Choo, Earrings by Gas Bijoux, Bag by Brahmin, similar here


Louise Loves

32 responses to “5 Trends To Check Out For NYE”

  1. Júlia Susino says:

    Hey Louise! My favorite part of the holidays is when I spend a lot of time with my family and we sing and laugh together❤️

  2. Nura says:

    My favorite part about the holidays is having all our family get together after being apart for most of the year! Plus of course all the fattening food!! @nunuhasic

  3. Katerina Fleming says:

    My favorite part about the holidays is catching up with family members that I rarely get to see throughout the year. Also, the champagne isn’t bad either! @jkfleming46

  4. Alexia says:

    I think something glittery is perfect for a New Years party! My favourite per of the holidays is spending quality time with the family. That’s what matters most!


  5. Sara Carli says:

    Love the velvet dresses!
    What I like the most of the holidays is doing the Christmas tree with my family.
    IG io_sono_sara

  6. Grace says:

    My favorite part of the holidays is baking spritz cookies with my family. It gives me a moment to appreciate them and the years we’ve had together. Happy Holidays! #FrontRoe12days


  7. I love following along all of your content! (And especially how you’re fashionably dressing your beautiful bump! I am also pregnant with our first child (also a baby girl) so you are fabulous inspiration! xo

  8. Hannah says:

    Your card is so darling ! And a beautiful tradition to start as a new family.

    My fave part of the holidays, is for the first time I’m experiencing a white Christmas, which I have fallen in love with. Coming from Africa my eyes are wider than ever, with all the new traditions, foods. And the Christmas music makes sense for the first time !!

    This year my best friend and I are starting our own Christmas traditions (being away from home and family) and that’s as exciting as your New Years card too !!!

    Have a fab festive season with your new addition coming soon xx


  9. Isabella Papini says:

    Instagram handle: @isabellapb88

    Its so hard to share with you only one favorite thing from this season of the year since Christmas is my favorite time of the year! If I had to choose a few reasons they would probably be the following. I love spending time with friends and family and the magical atmosphere you feel when being around them its like a christmas feeling that you are more vulnerable emotionally speaking. Also cooking fun recipes, doing secret santa and having tons of events and outings!

  10. Nancy H says:

    All that Glitters and Glows definitely on trend. Family and friends. Overall optimistic spirit, #FrontRoe12Days IG: nanh3

  11. Cheryl Engnell says:

    My favorite part of the holidays is family and friends. Love my people!

    You look fabulous!!!

  12. Linda says:

    I love the lunch at my grandmother’s house ?

  13. Karin Long says:

    Instagram handle: @karinmlong … my favorite part of the holidays has to be our annual trip to the beach to visit family. It’s the perfect time of year to reflect back on the year and think about goals and hopes for the next year! #FrontRoe12Days ?

  14. Mayela Alserawan says:

    Great post as usual, i can not bealive it 2017 is gone too!!! i love holidays because everybody is crazy about it and because there are pleanty of good vibes with the fam, gifts, trends, etc.. i love your style since the day i found your instagram ????✨ Happy Holidays everybody✨ #FrontRoe12days @mayela.alserawan

  15. Eleonora says:

    I love chritmas atmosphere, especially the lights. AlSo my grandma’s food ❤️

  16. Eleonora says:

    I love chritmas atmosphere, especially the lights. AlSo my grandma’s food ❤️

    My ig: ellepulce

  17. Anne says:

    Love the styles… thanks IG @annitasdiary

  18. Greer says:

    The thing I love about the holidays is having 2 weeks off to spend at the beach(I’m in NZ) with family and friends making amazing memories!
    IG handle: greeo

    Merry Xmas Louise!! Xx

  19. Sarah says:

    Love this look! One of my favorite holiday traditions has always picking out special outfits for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s! (Insta: sarahhanlon_)

  20. My favourite part about the holidays is to gather all the family together and enjoy each other. To play and joke with holiday games and make up new ideas to enjoy from the little family member to the old ones. To make everyone feel like kids again is ond of my favourite things to do! @alechinfloresp

  21. Anne Marie Dunneback says:

    My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with loved ones, wrapping gifts, and baking festive treats. IG handle: @annemarie290

  22. Anne Marie Dunneback says:

    My favorite parts of the holiday are spending time with loved ones, wrapping gifts, and baking festive treats!

  23. Sara (@belsssa) says:

    My favorite things about the holidays I that I get the chance to see my whole family again , since I study in another town in Italy. I love to spend some times together, eating some delicious food, chatting, playing games etc. Christmas is my favourite time of the year I would say, I simply love the atmosphere !
    xx Sara
    IG: @belsssa

  24. Helen Fu says:

    Beautiful dress! Love it!!
    My fav things to do during holidays are ice skating and drinking hot coco!!
    IG: helenfufi

  25. Renee / reneejz says:

    Hi Louise! I’d love to win the earrings, they would be perfect with my dress I bought for my sister’s wedding 🙂 Anyway, the best part of the holidays for me is not having to set an alarm and to be able to sleep in for a few days. I really need that! Hope you’re having wonderful holidays as well, and wishing you an amazing 2018! IG btw is @reneejz

  26. Anna says:

    What I most love about christmas is being with my family, meet with my friends, and we are always eating amazing food. And also to receive surprises

  27. Laura says:

    #FrontRoe12Days I have to admit that what I love the most about Christmas is the Christmas tree, I could not spent this holidays whitout a big beautiful tree, it just brings me joy and love!❤

  28. Ana says:

    Seeing the family again!

  29. Miriam says:

    Gorgeous options!? @loveglam.makeup

  30. Jasmin B. says:

    Mi fav part its seeing the happiness and excitement Of my little sister

    Merry xmas

  31. Clare Downey says:

    @clare.downey: My favorite thing about the holidays is relaxing (especially getting in a couple extra hours of sleep) and spending time with family!
    Love your blog!

  32. Sarah Alley says:

    My favorite place part of the holidays is spending time at home by the wood stove with family ??

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