How To Choose Stone For Your Bathroom

Guys, I have been beyond excited to share our home with you in its feature in Architectural Digest, it’s a dream come true for me! Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved beautiful homes, and so the opportunity to create my dream home, in every little detail, has meant the world to me.

One of the aspects of our home that I am most in love with is the beautiful surfaces that have covered our master bathroom. Hunting for just the right product that compromises neither look nor quality is not always an easy process and so I was absolutely thrilled to partner with Caesarstone, innovators of premium quartz surfaces. We really went all out with their quartz, covering the bathroom with it almost entirely!

If you’re thinking of using natural stone in your bathroom, go for something durable like quartz – which is both beautifully stylish and endures much better than marble. Unlike the traditional choice of marble, quartz is more suitable for the bathroom because it is non-porous, meaning that it won’t stain when it’s exposed to water and steam on a daily basis when we shower, brush our teeth, etc. Quartz is a great option because it still gives the gorgeous, glamorous look of marble while standing the test of time much better.

In the master bathroom, we gutted the original and replaced the walls and floors with white veined quartz. I was aiming to fulfil my vision of quartz on every surface, and this was something we were able to achieve with the help of Ceasarstone – even the bath tub and the inside of the shower are in this beautiful material. I really believe that having a bright, airy, calming bathroom is so important – it’s a place I spend so much time in so it is worth it – even if we did have to take the window out in order to lift the heavy slabs into the room! The end result was definitely worth the delicate process.

When it comes to choosing the color for your stone, I feel that light and bright is always best. Your taste may change over the years, but replacing heavy natural stone isn’t a quick fix – it’s best to invest in something that will be classic and beautiful, long into the future. I love that this particular grain of quartz is mostly white, with simple swirls of grey throughout that aren’t heavy or distracting.

Caesarstone’s quartz was so amazing that we decided to use it for our dining table too. Again, we had this made because we couldn’t find the right table, and I wanted it to be my dream dining table! So, I found the Milo Baughman-inspired brass legs on eBay (at 1am, and they were in Florida!) and chose Ceasarstone’s Pure White quartz to top it. Again, it was so worth the hassle. Mackenzie and I spend a huge amount of time in that room, working, eating, entertaining, so it was absolutely worth finding the right elements to make our dream an actuality.

Louise Roe bathroom makeover with quartz stone
Louise Roe Architectural Digest Ceasarstone Bathroom and Shower
Louise Roe bathroom makeover with quartz stone
Louise Roe bathroom makeover with quartz stone


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  1. Pv says:

    I like the marble and everytbing else, the shower thoigh does not make me feel relax feel like a cage

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