Why It’s So Important To Insure Your Engagement Ring

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We’re a couple of months into being married, but it feels like the wedding was just yesterday! I can’t seem to get used to our new titles, and changing my last name was especially surreal. We only just got all our wedding photos back last week, so we’re still reliving every awesome moment from the wedding, going through them together! Although everything on the big day went off without a hitch, it was actually during the honeymoon that we were in for a bit of a surprise. During our trip to Italy, I somehow ended up without my ring – and though I ended up finding it, what felt like a near disaster caused me to think about why it’s so important to insure my engagement ring and other valuables.


I’d always dreamed of visiting the Amalfi Coast, and during our honeymoon that dream finally came true. We started in Positano and visited a few other towns, switching hotels along the way. During lunch one day, I looked down and realized that my engagement ring was not on my finger. My heart nearly fell out of my chest! We had done a few activities recently – swimming, boating to Capri, shopping in town. My mind was racing with all the places that I could’ve lost it and I was momentarily devastated. I realized I’d taken it off before a massage in the previous hotel spa, leaving it in the safe. Luckily we recovered it, but we lost almost half a day in trying to find it (and probably years off my life due to the stress!). The ring is obviously so special to me – Mackenzie proposed to me on a gondola during a blizzard on a ski trip last year, and the ring is so closely tied to that experience and our relationship together. I wanted to make sure that we were protected should anything like this happen again, so I started looking into State Farm.

Obviously, insuring your valuables doesn’t mean that you’ll get them back if lost or stolen, but you can rest easy knowing that you’ll at least be able to replace your cherished item should the unthinkable happen. Not only is it important to insure your car and home, but also if you are forgetful or travel a lot like myself, it’s very important to think about insuring other personal articles, too!

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