5 Steps To A Serene & Chic Home Office

If you work in an office, the idea of working from home may sound like a dream come true. While it is great to be your own boss and have flexibility in your schedule, believe it or not – there are some downsides to working from home as well. Decreased productivity, procrastination and a sense of loneliness from a lack of camaraderie with coworkers are just a few things you can experience when you work alone all day. Speaking from experience, there are things you can do to spruce up the environment around you, to both motivate you and brighten your mood. Read below for my tips on how to achieve a relaxing, chic home office that will boost your productivity. These will apply to anyone, whether you work from home, in an office, or cubicle!

How To Add Some Life To Your Workspace:

1. Personalized Stationery: I’m big on journals and daily planners for keeping organized. A planner with your initials on it feels even more official! I love this leather one from Gigi New York, as you can personalize it with embossed letters. I also love having blank cards on hand, to send anything from thank you notes to congratulatory notes. I’m a firm believer that a personal touch goes a long way in business! These personalized ‘Louise Roe’ cards are from Minted.

2. Cheerful Art: Even if you don’t necessarily have a large wall to make use of, choose prints that you like to frame and put on your desk. These prints and books by my dear friend Gray Malin are so cheerful, I really do feel like they change my mood if I’m having a stressful day. Same goes with family photos – put them in a nice frame where you can glance at them throughout the day to keep you going.

3. Fun Accents: If you’ve seen any of my other home posts, you probably know by now that I’m obsessed with pineapples. I have not one, not two, but three pineapples on my desk (well, one is a lamp!). They just make me happy, what can I say! I also love these cool pink stone bookends as an extra touch. Adding some style to your desk is a must!

4. Soothing Scents: I always burn a candle at my desk during a long work day, as I feel like it has a huge impact on your mood on state of mind. I change them throughout the seasons, and I love this one for fall. I even keep aromatherapy lavender oil in my desk, for particularly stressful days.

5. Fresh Flowers: Flowers are always a game-changer for any space. I have them in practically every room in the house. They’re so easy to pick up during your weekly grocery run, and will seriously cheer you up – I promise!

Do you guys have any tips for increasing mood and productivity in your workspace? Let me know in the comments below! xx



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2 responses to “5 Steps To A Serene & Chic Home Office”

  1. Shloka says:

    These are all such amazing tips – I love anything that is personalised too! Now I just need the perfect home office to decorate!


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