How To Get The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

One beauty look that is always on rotation for me is the winged cateye look. It’s flattering on literally everyone, as it makes your eyes appear bigger and more feminine. It’s also perfect for formal occasions, or even just running to the grocery store – truly universal! However when done incorrectly, a chic final touch can turn into raccoon eyes if you’re not careful. Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look all about finding the right balance of liner with your lid.

Start first by taking a look at the size of your eyelids. I know it may sound weird to analyze your own eyelids, but it really does make a difference when choosing the right thickness of eyeliner. Maybe you have big doe eyes with large eyelids (like the gorgeous Mila Kunis), or hooded eyes that make you lids appear smaller (think Blake Lively, or even Asian eyes). The winged look is good for anyone regardless of your eye shape, and all shapes are beautiful! If your eyelids are on the bigger side, play with thicker eyeliner, or if your lids are on the smaller side, try a thinner line with more of an elongated “flick”.

Personally, my lids are average sized, so for me the best eyeliner thickness is usually medium. A trick I learned from my makeup artist is to start by drawing a “rough sketch” of your liner with neutral brown shadow to create the desired shape and symmetry. Then, go over it with a gel liner or liquid liner pen. Gently extend the liner past the corner of your eye, to create the “flick”. How long the flick is is up to you and your shape. Finish off the look with Ardell Wispies lashes. Voilá! Click below for some of my favorite liquid eyeliners.



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  1. Daisy says:

    Your tips is helpful to women like me who doesn’t know how to do makeup. I will try this and study it at home, my friend taught me to do my eyebrow and I am practicing it. He said I can do it better now. 🙂 Practice will make it permanent. Regards.

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