Gold Tropical Leaves For Your Home

I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to share my home makeover with you guys – it’s been so fun seeing the transformation and the result of all of our hard work. If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m a huge fan of both gold and tropicana accents. I usually always have fresh flowers throughout my home, but I decided to try something different when I found this cute DIY idea on Instagram. These gold tropical leaves are made in about 15 minutes – you just need a variety of leaves, washi tape, and spray paint! They make a totally chic and unexpected arrangement for your home. Try it!


An assortment of tropical leaves. I used Monstera leaves (these are the cool split leaves that you see all over Pinterest), tea leaves and palm leaves. You can get them at a local florist – call around to different ones in your area to see if they carry these!

Gold spray paint

Roll of washi tape

Butcher paper


1) Tape off your leaves into the design that you want the spray paint to be; for the Monstera leaves, I covered the stem so that just the leaf itself would get sprayed. Have fun with different shapes!

2) Take these outside and set on a large sheet of butcher paper. Cover your desired sections with spray paint.

3) Leave to dry for about an hour, and remove washi tape carefully. Place in a vase with water immediately.

gold tropical leaves
Louise Roe | Gold Paint Tropical Leaves | Chic DIY | Front Roe blog 2
Louise Roe | Gold Paint Tropical Leaves | Chic DIY | Front Roe blog 3


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8 responses to “Gold Tropical Leaves For Your Home”

  1. Emma says:

    Wow, these are so pretty. What a lovely idea!

  2. Sahara Forbes says:

    Wow, I must try this

  3. Bobbi Juni Saputra says:

    Its a gorgeous design and I do love it.

  4. So fun! Going to do this for my next India Hicks Get Together. 🙂

  5. Sandy Hanson says:

    Great idea…so went out in backyard picked some leaves and oooh la la. A great idea for a Christmas door or how about as placemats.

  6. Ibouroi says:


  7. Kaleigh velling says:

    Do you know how long they last for?

  8. Kaleigh velling says:

    Do you know how long the leaves last for in water?

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