The Perfect Quarantini For Sunny Days

Is anyone else finding that their wine intake has dramatically increased since we went into lockdown?! I took a week off the red wine but as a treat on a particularly bright day, Mackenzie and I made these delicious orange cocktails. They are SO easy to make and it doesn’t […]

The Best Films, Books and Podcasts To Enjoy

Hello all! I’m Letty, I work for Louise at Front Roe and I’d like to introduce something a little unusual on the blog today in the form of a guest post. An out-of-the-ordinary post for very out-of-the-ordinary times. If like me, you’re isolating with a full house then there are […]

How To Get Green Fingered (No Matter Where You Live)

If you watch my Instagram stories, you might have seen ‘the good-looking gardener’ (aka Mackenzie stomping around the garden in ridiculous bright orange ‘crampons’! Possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but essential for the lawn he tells me. Turns out, since moving to the countryside, we have both become […]

Quarantine Care Package DIY

 Now is the perfect time to be community-minded. With all of us in isolation, take the time to consider the elderly or vulnerable people in your building, down your road or in your village. Panic feeds panic; lots of elderly people live alone, and they might not have social media […]

Coping With Anxiety

Coping with anxiety is particularly difficult at the moment, and a lot more people than ever, may be feeling it. Daily life has undergone a big change and there’s a lot of uncertainty around, which exacerbates feelings of anxiety and stress. I experienced some anxiety and symptoms of post natal […]

How To Keep Children Entertained (And Educated) At Home

Following on from my working from home advice, this is something that a lot of you have asked me to write, as parents are having a particularly stressful time in the midst of this strange and confusing time. It’s not easy to keep children entertained at the best of times […]

Refreshing Citrus Punch

I’m trying to get as much Vitamin C as possible at the moment to ward off illness and this refreshing citrus punch by my friend Nathan Turner is yummy. Make a jug of this at lunch and it will feel like an afternoon in mid-Summer. Actually, if this weather continues […]

A Happy Easter Brunch

Our Easter looks set to be a little quieter than normal this year but as Honor loves it so much (nothing to do with the chocolate I’m sure) I’m determined to make it as special a day as possible. To get us all in a cheery mood, we had a […]

The Perfect Working Lunch

I love a quiche. I’ve been trying to make them at the weekends and then have them for my lunches during the week. This asparagus and leek one by Nathan Turner is quite a good way of getting Honor to eat vegetables- she’s not usually fussy but it’s a trick […]

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