Pops of Fuschia and…a Fanny Pack?!

Fall fashion this year is all about FUN: all caps, unbashed FUN. Fanny packs (moment of pause to digest that one…) are this season’s hottest accessory, and I’ve been having the best time styling them! This quilted number from Rebecca Taylor is understated and cool: to be honest, I looked at a […]

Fall’s #1 Must Have: The Pink Coat!

Guys, I have breaking news for you. Get a pad of paper and a pen and take note: you need a pink coat. All dramatics aside, you really, really do need a pink coat for Fall, and in fact, I’m going to give it the official title of Number One Must […]

What To Wear When Seasons Shift

I don’t know about you, but this year I’ve been more excited than normal to start wearing my Fall clothes! Might be the seemingly never-ending heat wave LA has felt, or just all the cool, cold-weather pieces I’ve been stocking up on, but I’m so ready to start a new season. I’ve been […]

Bold Fall Fashion

If you’re not on the West coast, you might not know that LA has been having an Indian summer. If you’re in the area, you’ve probably been experiencing the same thing as me: an overwhelming desire to finally wear Fall clothes! The temps have cooled down enough to allow for […]

Double Leopard Print

The only thing better than leopard print? Double leopard print! I love animal prints, and they have a such fun effect when they’re mixed and matched. To balance the volume of these two patterns, I made sure to mix in a lot of neutrals and basics. Additions like classic aviators, […]

Laid Back Button Downs

Guys, take note: laid back button downs are huge for Fall! This closet classic has always lent a little polish to any outfit it’s a part of, and this season it’s the perfect addition to more casual looks. Try rolling the sleeves a little, half tucking the hem into jeans, […]

Dress Down Friday

I love a super-casual look, perfect for a dress-down-Friday or off duty weekend wear. One of my laid-back favorites is a pair of faded boyfriend jeans and a simple tee. I do, however, like to amp uo the glam-factor by pairing mine with elegant accessories. Sandals from my Aussie mates’ label Maraandmine and this gorgeous, cherry-red […]

Ask Louise: What To Wear For An Interview

“What would you wear to an interview for a job in a boutique?” — @lauraaa For any interview, it’s best to show up polished and groomed. That means no chipped nail polish, hair clean and blown-out, and a little makeup. Closed-toe heels are more formal than open sandals, and keep […]

Bold Black And White

This outfit rocks – I had so much fun putting it together! The black and white head-to-toe print on this Mara Hoffman set is loud enough on its own, but i couldn’t help pairing it with my new cropped, studded leather jacket from The Kooples. I thought about a boot […]

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