Mood Boosting Fashion

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It’s not quite the Spring that we’d planned for but I’m determined to find the positives where I can and share them with my readers. Staying upbeat during times like these is essential for our wellbeing (and that of our friends and family) so I’m trying to wear clothes that make me feel happy; mood boosting fashion at its best. Bright colours and bold patterns really do affect your mood; it’s been proven that wearing colour is uplifting so even if you’re remaining indoors for the foreseeable, you can still use fashion and accessories to cheer up your day. You may find that you’re enjoying not having to wear your usual work clothes, so make even your home clothes bright and fun. It will have an impact on anyone else in the house as well.

I adore this leopard jumpsuit which I wore to stock up on essentials- leopard as a trend isn’t going anywhere. I love wearing it with mustard yellow and chocolate brown in the day and then dressing it up with black at night- even if that’s just dressing up for dinner at home.

Walmart’s Spring fashion is organised by trend so you can go straight to what you’re looking for. Tie dye, bohemian, statement denim and vintage all feature so there’s a huge range to choose from, all of which is online. Shop my picks below and let me know what mood boosting fashion you’ve gone for.

Mood Boosting Fashion

Mood Boosting Fashion

Mood Boosting Fashion

What I’m Wearing: Cardigan, Jumpsuit and Shoes all by Walmart (similar shoes here)


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6 responses to “Mood Boosting Fashion”

  1. Ayush Anand says:

    Very Nice Blog.. I hope In Future Your Website Will be very popular..

  2. joe says:

    Amazing Boosting fashion loved the post!

  3. joe says:

    Amazing Blog keep posting.

  4. Swarnali Das says:

    Like your dress dear.. and good pictures also.

  5. Joyce says:

    I love the way you boost the mood in times when everyone seems to be so down due to what’s happening nowadays. The choice of colors is just so lively – it’s indeed uplifting. Beautiful! I also love your smile on the second photo – it is just so contagious. xx

  6. AstroTalk says:

    Awesome fashion hacks. These are all very interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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