Easy & Yummy Dessert For Glowing Skin

It’s time for another Louise-approved recipe (i.e. fool-proof, quick and easy!), and I’m very excited to share this one with you… My friend, the beautiful Alyssa Lynch, joined me to share with us her favorite recipe for vegan ‘nice cream’ – a super healthy and delicious alternative to ice cream. You can eat this whenever, but it makes a particularly yummy dessert or breakfast. I’m definitely a convert – I couldn’t believe how easy (and inexpensive) it was to make something so yummy and good for you. This nice cream is naturally sweet and full of antioxidants, so it’s bound to leave your sweet tooth satisfied and your skin glowing from within… win-win! Watch the video below and scroll down for the full recipe.


Vegan ‘Nice Cream’

Ingredients (to serve 2):
2 chopped frozen bananas
1 1/2 tablespoons peanut butter (we used coconut and peanut)
A generous sprinkle of cinnamon
2 tablespoons cacao powder
Almond milk (you can swap this for your preferred milk)
Toppings (we chose sliced fresh bananas, shredded coconut, and granola)

Add your frozen bananas, peanut butter, cinnamon and cacao powder to the blender.
Add a splash of almond milk, adding more bit by bit as needed to make the right consistency.
Blend everything until smooth.
Scoop out your nice cream into bowls, and top with your favorite toppings.


One response to “Easy & Yummy Dessert For Glowing Skin”

  1. Shloka says:

    Oh my god this sounds amazing! Book marking now and going to try very soon!


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