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Fragrance is such a personal addition to a woman’s style. On one hand, it’s intangible, private, much less obvious than say, a trademark lipstick. On the other, it’s totally recognizable and becomes more a part of your signature style than any jacket or handbag. I do love to switch up my perfume according to the season, or whatever i might find on my travels, but I do have one favorite I always return to. I found my go-to perfume when I first spritzed on L’Eau de Chloé, back when I lived in London, and I’ve been wearing it ever since! I love its fresh combination of citrus and earthier spices, and it makes me feel happy whenever i smell it. What’s your favorite perfume? Here are some of mine, below: .


louise signature

6 responses to “My Signature Scent”

  1. Orianne says:

    I prefer Christina Aguilera Woman:)

  2. Noha says:

    Hi Louise!
    I love your blog. I am writing from the north of Spain.
    My favourite perfum is L’Eau Dissey of Issey Miyake.

  3. H Bruce says:

    I love Burberry “Beat” And Calvin Klein “Beauty” and DKNY “pure”

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Feeling enlightened!

  5. It’s great of you to blog about your perspective. Keep it real.

  6. Good post and a very enjoyable read.

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