Help Me Pick My Golden Globes Dress!

It’s that time of year again! The Golden Globes is this Sunday, and I’ll just be getting back from London so I’ve already had my dress fitting. I’ve narrowed it down to these 3 gorgeous Monique Lhuillier frocks. Please help me pick my red carpet dress!

I love this long sleeved chartreuse green dress, with bird motifs hand embroidered onto it. It’s so ethereal, elegant, and will keep me a tad bit warmer on the freezing red carpet! I would go for hair down and warm, bronzy fall makeup.

The next option is this yellow two piece, from Monique’s Spring collection. I love that it gives a nod to the upcoming season, and is fun and flirty. I love the way it twirls, too! I paired it with a printed shoe, to add some fun contrast.

Last is the Grecian white dress with a statement embellished neckline. The hip-high slit is a bit more daring than I’m used to, but I’m game! I love the balloon sleeves and overall unexpected silhouette of the gown. I’d probably keep my hair back for this one, and add a pop of color with earrings.

What do you guys think?! Let me know in the comments below! I’ll be revealing my final pick this Sunday, on the red carpet. Make sure to tune in to Access Hollywood to watch me host!


103 responses to “Help Me Pick My Golden Globes Dress!”

  1. Nazgul says:

    The white one for sure! Ahhh, so pretty!! Hello from Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan

  2. Marianna says:

    The last one. You look stunning!

  3. Hanneke says:

    Love the third dress

  4. Liz S. says:

    I vote for the Grecian white dress with a statement embellished neckline.

  5. Angela Xie says:

    Grecian white dress! I love the detailing. And you’ll look gorgeous in it against the backdrop of the carpet.

  6. Shloka says:

    The first option is my favourite – I love how beautiful and feminine it is but the sheer makes it just a little sexy too!

    Can’t wait to see what you pick!


  7. Michelle says:

    They all look lovely on you but the Grecian one looks the best, suitable wintery in style, I’d personally style it with magenta pink simple strap sandals for the pop of colour,and no jewellery as the dress speaks for itself, but that’s just a question of personal taste I suppose

  8. Isabelle George says:

    Dress number 3 is amazing!

  9. SARUNE says:

    Definitely first one!!!!

  10. Valia says:

    Happy New Year Louise! Loved the green dress! 😉 Have fun xxx

  11. Jill Stein says:

    The first dress with your hair down; looks fresh!

  12. Jill Piers says:

    Long sleeve bird dress!

  13. Kelly Pivin Iacovone says:

    Positively number three. 1st choice is elegant, second is too casual and third is perfect.

  14. Carla says:

    I think the third one it’s the best! I wish I could wear a dress like these in my life once. You’re lovely

  15. Sara says:

    I am so in love with first dress, the one with long sleeves andbirds motifs!

  16. Kristina S. says:

    I love the third one the best, although they are all stunning!

  17. Kim says:

    Grecian white dress !!!!!!

  18. Katina says:

    Oh goodie! Thanks for letting us be a part of your decision. My choice is Dress #1.

  19. Lara says:

    i like the left or right ones. the right grecian one feels most hollywood to me. the yellow middle is so pretty – but springy and doesnt feel right to me. can’t wait to see!

  20. Rashmi Malpe says:

    Hi, Louise!

    I like the Grecian look on you as it is elegant and daring at the same time. Have a blast at the Globes on Sunday!

    Congratulations on your wedding!

  21. Nathalie says:

    Hi Louise!
    My choice will be the Grecian white dress with a statement embellished neckline, hands down! You look ravishing in it.

  22. Helen says:

    definitely no 1 – you look like a fairy-tale princess. very unique choice this would be

  23. Maria says:

    I love the last option: the Grecian white dress with a statement embellished neckline. I think this dress will keep u out from the comfort zone, so elegant and sexy.

  24. Jasmine says:

    Hi, I personally love the Grecian white dress! The embellished neckline gives a modern update to a classic dress and I feel like it’s perfect for The Golden Globes.

  25. Laura says:

    Definitely the white one 🙂 Love it

  26. Carolyn says:

    All dresses are beautiful. However, I think you look the most radiant and glamorous in the white grecian gown. I’m not keen on the shoe though. I little heavy for the dress in photos.

  27. Samantha says:

    I love number 1!

  28. Rosarielle says:

    The Grecian dress is just amazing.the color is perfect on you…I wish I could have the same dress☺️

  29. Emilie says:

    Hello Louise,
    As a French who likes elegance I would choose the white dress for this type of ceremony.
    The yellow is more for summer event and the last one doesnt show your nice shapes and is more for an older ladies I think..
    You will be beautiful anyway no matter what!
    Good luck

  30. Sheila says:

    Def. the white Grecian dress! Love the slit and overall silhouette esp for this time of year. It’s elegant and sophisticated. Love the other dresses as well but not ready to be in spring mode. And the chartreuse green dress is ‘too’ much ‘too’ heavy though I appreciate wanting to stay warm.


  31. Christina says:

    Definitely the white Grecian one!!!

  32. Rosarielle says:

    The Grecian dress is just amazing,it’s perfect on you…you look like a goddess with this dress…I wish I could have the same😅

  33. D says:

    Long sleeve floral

  34. Delorme says:

    I vote for thé White dress

  35. Delorme says:

    I vote for the third option White dress ..

  36. Yan says:

    Number 3. Stunning!

  37. Belen says:

    Green dress

  38. I love the first dress but I think you have such a pretty face that I would do a pretty braided up do. Something super romantic (think Kiera Knightley Valentino at the Seeking A Friend For The End of The World premiere)…But everything else is literally perfect.

  39. Shannon risk says:

    Green dress is lovely!

  40. vileslava says:

    the white gown

  41. Christina Gliati says:

    Definitely the white honey. You will be great. Love you!!!!

  42. Nina says:

    I adore the right dress. The grecian feel is amazing and it’s just all in all incredibly beautiful!
    xx Nina

  43. Christina Gliati says:

    Oh by the way I am Greek. Kisses from Greece!!!

  44. Joanna Manoranjan says:

    Love the Grecian white dress!

  45. Desi says:

    Definitely the white one!!!

  46. Sara lux says:

    Number 1
    Although all are lovely!
    Have a wonderful time!

  47. Starr says:

    Chartreuse green dress!💕

  48. Cristina Dolce says:

    Dear, my chose is number 3. Kisses.

  49. Helena - Maria says:

    You are looking so stunning in all Dresses Loiuse, but the most beautiful is for me the third one –
    the Grecian white dress.

  50. Hi Louise, I vote for the first one, I love embroidery style and your long hair down.
    Hope to be helpful.

  51. Madeline Tuthill says:


  52. Aida says:

    Definately chartreuse green one! Because its delicate, elegant, even quite mysterious, not boring and not so seen before as yellow and white one looks for me. Moreover this dress with the hair down is the perfect match to look fabulous.

  53. Libby says:

    I love the green dress! It’s so beautiful xx

  54. Kirstie says:

    No doubt, the first dress! The hand embroidery is beautiful and the dress really suits you.

  55. Lauren says:

    Definitely the white one!

  56. Katrine Adelhorst Jepsen says:

    I absolutely adore the white one! I vote for that. It’s elegant, and I love the neck piece, no doubt about that. You look amazing Louise.

    Xx Katrine

  57. Joanne kruse says:


  58. Tania says:

    The green dress is so romantic and i like it a lot but i prefer the white one for your slim figure! Complete your look with the earrings that you mentioned and a red or fuchsia lipstick. One way or another you will be beautiful!

  59. S rice says:

    Green dress

  60. Elena Colangelo says:

    I’m torn between the white one and the flowery green which are completely different… one very audacious sexy and extreme the other is incredibly romantic quite old epoque!

  61. nitsa giassa says:

    Hi my dear Louise ! I sent my opinion from Greece ;p
    I prefer the first one because its more romantic and its ‘you’ ….BUT… the 3d one is the best for golden globe occasion … its more feminine … and you will make more impression with this … because its golden globe !

    ps. I ask and my boyfriend and he said the same ;p 3d one for this occasion ;p

  62. Chiara G says:

    The Grecian white dress is perfect!👍🏼

  63. Natascha says:

    I love the left one so much!!!!! In my opinion it looks the most beautiful! This is what a Golden Globe Girl looks like 🙂

  64. Hanne Albrecht says:

    I vote for

    The Grecian white dress

  65. Marie Fernandez says:

    I love that the long-sleeved green dress feels so earthy and warm. It feels like a great nod to Spring while also acknowledging the current season! Either way, you look phenomenal in all three!

  66. Daniela says:

    You must choose the white one!!!!

  67. Bianka says:

    The white one was the most eye-catcher! Love you in it!

  68. Anna says:

    The white dress is the most beautiful 🙂

    Kisses from Brussels,

  69. Sonia says:

    Either the green or white!

  70. Julie says:

    I think you should choose the white one! You look stunning in this one and its always amazin when people surprise with a different kind of look that blows people away. The dress is amazing! A simply white dress is something of the most amazing that you can wear- and that neckline is beyond everything! Choose white!!

  71. Gema says:

    Goddes’s grace in white!

  72. Andy says:

    White, you look elegant.

  73. Mariola says:

    Green embroidered Gown. It is awesome! Xo from Spain

  74. Tanusree says:

    Left. I like how you styled it. My second fave is the extreme right one.

  75. olga mavridou says:

    The yellow one!

  76. The yellow two piece looks great on you!

  77. Zara says:

    Hummm its quite a difficult choice! I REALLY love hand embroided motifs and chartreuse dress’s , they’re very sophisticated and give a sense of lightness ; I also enjoy two pieces cos as you said are very fun and flirty , but if I had to pick one for that special night I think I would go for the Grecian one! Is very elegant , especially the details that go down from the neckline !!but at the same
    Time is also simple , also it has a wonderful shape !It’s something that will be remembered for sure! ( I hope I wrote good in English since I’m Italian!)

  78. Sherri Holly says:

    The white dress is absolute perfection on you!! Gorgeous!!

  79. Abbie says:

    The yellow ML !

  80. Abbie says:

    The yellow ML

  81. Irene says:

    The Greek style dress! Beauty in beautiful dress!

  82. fanseptiani says:

    Vote for the 1st dress, which is long sleeved chartreuse green dress.You look beautiful & sophisticated on that dress.

  83. Joanna Manoranjan says:

    I vote Grecian white! Looking great!!

  84. Louise! Id go for the white one!! Is very unique, glamorous, delicate; the sillhouette is awesome and the sleeves are like a magic touch. Its fantastic dress!! you look so beautiful on it!
    Have fun and take care, your fan 4e!

  85. Alli says:

    Number 1! It’s beautiful and the silhouette is classic, but also very on trend.

  86. theresa Kiesewetter says:

    I love all 3 Nut golden globes I would go with the white one. Absolutely stunning.I love you louise. Have a great night at golden globes.


  87. Leah F says:

    Definitely the white dress! I love it😍

  88. Martina says:

    The Grecian white dress!
    I also love the first one, but it is something seen and reseen.. The white one just say itself “elegant” and it fits perfectly with you. I would choose that one if I had your legs!

  89. Ali says:

    All gorgeous but it’s between the chartreuse green and the Grecian. The Grecian is definitely the one – elegant and screaming ‘take me to the red carpet’!

  90. I absolutely love the three dresses but without a doubt I would pick the white one. Feminin, elegant, sexy… it’s simply amazing!

  91. Chantal says:

    I think you should wear the first dress simply because it’s so elegant and loods beautiful on you! X Chantal

  92. Lucy says:

    Number one is absolutely beautiful – though that sort of look is a little bit ‘done’ already? If you asked a year or two ago, I’d have picked that!
    Number three is probably my top pick, and plus you have the legs (or leg 😉 ) to work that dramatic slit! Love all the detail.
    Have fun! X
    She’s So Lucy // Health, Wellness, Beauty & Lifestyle

  93. Anna says:

    Gorgeous all, but most eye catching is the yellow -fairy princess dress- but the most elegant by far is the white one. You look truly beautiful
    Anna x

  94. Jasna says:

    the yellow 2 piece dress!it s most Fashion forward out of the 3,but still red carpet..

  95. Elena says:

    The white one !!!! But for another event, i love the first one

  96. carolina says:

    the green dress 👍🏻

  97. Lejla says:

    The Grecian White dress❤

  98. Andoni says:

    The third one absolutly!!

  99. Clara Rodrigo says:

    Hi Louise!!

    I´m voting for the green one, it´s so ethereal.
    Next I like the white dress.

  100. Amanda Robertson says:

    I love the green one on you Louise,it really suits your colouring,its very you ,have e great time at the globes ,wish I was going lol! If I was think I would wear a very similar style valentino sheer dress with intricate embroidery, do you know from the 2017 resort collection!

  101. Christina says:

    I would go for the white one. It is elegant and I love the details in the neck line

  102. Sabi says:

    I love the grecian white dress!!!

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