Fragrant Orange Pomanders

There’s nothing quite as festive as yummy smelling pomanders for the holidays. Every year I get together with my nieces to make them when I go back to England, it’s such a fun family tradition and they make your home smell absolutely heavenly.

These clove studded oranges are typically tied with a ribbon or displayed in a pretty bowl or tray. You can get so creative in your designs – whether you do simple rows or intricate swirls, there’s really no wrong way to make them. You can tie them in ribbon with a long loop at the end to hang in your closet, window, or even on your Christmas tree as an ornament. See the simple DIY below!

Louise Roe - Fragrant Orange Pomanders - Holiday DIY - Front Roe fashion blog 1
Louise Roe - Fragrant Orange Pomanders - Holiday DIY - Front Roe fashion blog 2
Louise Roe - Fragrant Orange Pomanders - Holiday DIY - Front Roe fashion blog 3
Louise Roe - Fragrant Orange Pomanders - Holiday DIY - Front Roe fashion blog 5

Supplies Needed:

4-5 Oranges (you can use any kind of citrus fruit but oranges are my fave!)
At least 1 cup of cloves
A skewer or needle to pierce the oranges with
Assorted ribbons
Hot glue gun (optional)


Place a rubberband around the middle of your orange. Use it as a straight edge to line up your cloves and make an even ring all the way around. Remove the rubberband and make additional rows.

You can also use ribbon as a guide – tie the orange with ribbon in a criss-cross fashion, like a present! Line cloves along the edge in any direction that you like, horizontally, vertically, it’s really up to you. There are so many gorgeous examples of how to do these on Pinterest.

If you like, you can secure the ribbons down with a hot glue gun, and allow to dry.

Lastly, to avoid molding you’ll want to either hang them to dry with your ribbon in a cool place like a closet, or place them on a cookie rack to dry for a few days before displaying. These pomanders can last for up to a year!

Have fun!


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