Baby Changing Table Must-Haves

As I write this, our daughter Honor is just 4 weeks old. Every minute together as a new family has been the most amazing, life-changing experience of our lives to date. Like most new mums, I did tons of research prior to her birth, but so much of what I’ve learned so far has been through trial and error. You can read every baby book there is, but what works for other mums and babies may not work for you and yours, so it’s important to be flexible and patient. This goes without saying, but newborns poop – a LOT! One area we’ve gotten particularly pro at over the last few weeks has been changing diapers, and while I stocked our changing table ages ago, now that I’m actually on the job I’ve learned which items are a must, and which can be skipped.


Way More Diapers & Wipes Than You Think
Newborns can go through up to ten (yes, TEN) diapers a day. You’d be surprised how quickly you go through these. I received tips from mummy friends of mine to register for diapers and wipes on your baby registry, and I’m so glad now that I stocked up on tons of Pampers supplies. These Pampers Swaddlers are great for newborns, but we also have their Baby Dry style for when she’s a bit bigger and needs an overnight diaper.

Proper Diaper Pail
Trust me, you want one of these. Don’t go for a normal trash can – pails like the diaper genie seal in unpleasant smells, and most of them are simple looking enough to fit with your nursery decor.

Baby Hair Brush
I love this little wooden hairbrush – and so does Honor! Not only is it really relaxing for her having her hair brushed while she nurses, it also stimulates blood flow in the scalp, which encourages any dry skin patches from birth to fall off.

Temperature is important for babies, and with LA’s heat waves and cooler nights, this little pink one has been really helpful in keeping the room at the right number. It also works in the bath.

Diaper Cream
Diaper rash can start really early on, so a little cream here and there is a good habit to get into already.

Baby Diary
A friend gave me this as a gift and I love filling it in every day! Even if it’s just a few words to remember what happened, like her umbilical cord falling off (!) these are moments that mean a lot to any new mummy or daddy.

Low Light Lamps
Switch out normal light bulbs with amber, low wattage bulbs – or even go for a salt lamp. This warm, orange color light is soothing for both you and baby. This is helpful during those night feeds as they’re not so stimulating, and may allow both of you to fall back asleep easier afterwards.

Honor is still a little too young for toys, but a pacifier used in moderation has been really helpful to calm her down when she squirms on the changing table! And contrary to what I’d read and worried about, it hasn’t affected her ability to latch on when I nurse. I’ve also heard that toys will be a great distraction during changings as they get older!

Supplies For Mum
Don’t forget yourself when you’re stocking baby’s changing table. Snacks, water bottles, books and the like are great to have on hand. After all, you spend almost as much time in here as baby does.

Louise Roe Baby Changing Table Items With Pampers
Louise Roe Baby Changing Table Items With Pampers
Louise Roe Baby Changing Table Items With Pampers
Louise Roe Baby Changing Table Items With Pampers
Louise Roe Baby Changing Table Items With Pampers
Louise Roe Baby Changing Table Items With Pampers

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3 responses to “Baby Changing Table Must-Haves”

  1. Rose says:

    I used this products too and was very satisfied !

    Greetings from the Food Tour Palermo

  2. Cierra Sienkiewich says:

    What changing pad/table do you have? Love how simple and modern it looks!

  3. Myriam says:

    Omg Pampers are the worst. How can you put them on your baby?!? Do you know what’s inside? I can’t even handle you are promoting those kind of brands.
    Money vs your baby’s health, you should make a choice. And the right one please.
    You were one of my favorite role model, I’m so disappointed. Nowadays you can’t ignore those «details ». Be careful.

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