The Prettiest Packaging

Beauty products have come a long way – from nourishing formulas, to adorable packaging – makeup, hair and skin products are amazing from the inside out. To be completely honest, I’m a sucker for chic boxes, bows and bags (of course, the potion inside has to be awesome too) – […]

Pure Summer Mani: White Nails

Minimalism in fashion has hit an all time high, reaching as far as beauty and nails. I absolutely love the sleek trend of a pure white manicure and finally tried my first one! I love it. I went for short nails and a glossy off-white by Essie called Tuck It […]

Hair Revamp: Mane Addicts

Changing your hairstyle is one of the most frightening but exciting experiences there is! I recently took the plunge and chopped off several inches into a short bob – the shortest I’ve ever had my hair but by far one of my best decisions – I love it! Mane Addicts […]

Summer Skin (and hair!) Savers

We’re well into summer and hopefully by this point, SPF has officially earned a place in your daily beauty arsenal, (it definitely has in mine). But despite my best efforts, my skin (and hair) still needs an extra bit of TLC during the warmer months. I can’t stress enough how […]

On-Board Essentials

Travel has become a major part of my life over the last few years, and getting the opportunity to rock chic travel style is one of the more enjoyable aspects of a jet-set lifestyle. That’s why I’m absolutely obsessed with my friend Kat Tanita’s (from With Love From Kat) travel […]

Must-Try: Long Summer Nails!

We’re well into summer and I want to try something new on my nails! I’ve always been a fan of short, bright, square nails – but recently saw some beautiful beachy, boho girls on vacation in Spain, with these long stiletto shape nails in warm neutral tones. I had to […]

My Favorite Summer Scents

Summer is here and while the unofficial scent of the season may be that vacation-y fragrance of your SPF, it’s a great excuse to switch up the pretty bottle on your countertop too. I love seasonal scents, especially summer fragrances that truly come alive as the (body) temperature rises. From […]

Maximum Moisture: Hand Creams

Moisturizing my body for smooth, hydrated skin is a huge part of my everyday beauty routine, and here’s a little beauty secret: I like to use hand cream everywhere because it’s so much thicker and more nourishing than regular moisturizers. Blame it on the drying effects of airplane travel or […]

Safe and Sexy Summer Skin Tips

Summer is here (at least in California!) and my enthusiasm for outdoor activities is at an all time high. Which means, so is my SPF use. Yes, this is a post about practicing safe skin (check out my post on self-tanners to learn how to glow the responsible way)! The […]

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